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What is Avlis?

Avlis is a persistent world running on Neverwinter Nights 1. A world of high fantasy, where action and adventure meet intense roleplay, where your character and the characters around them forge their identities and destinies by the actions they take and the choices they make. If you want an online roleplaying game where characters are more than stats and numbers on a screen, then Avlis is the place for you!

  • Avlis has 9 servers, running smoothly on dedicated up-to-date machines!
  • It has a vast array of custom scripted systems and features! Examples are the crafting system, the custom classes, a custom spell system, custom races, and much, much more.
  • It has an active player base across several time zones, consisting of hundreds of players.
  • It has an active team, who work to expand upon the world and bring it to life.
  • Our world is dynamic and alive! Players have achieved immortality, founded and conquered cities, created guilds, and changed the world. Come be a part of it!
Getting Started
Avlis Features
  • Systems and Tools
    • There are many custom systems in Avlis. Read about them here.
  • Classes
    • Learn about the character classes and prestige classes on Avlis, and how to unlock them.
  • Guilds
    • Read about what guilds are on Avlis, and how they work.
  • Atlas
    • Use this as a starting point to learn more about the nations and cities of Avlis.
  • History
    • A timeline of Avlis' deep history.
  • Religion
    • Read about Avlis' unique pantheon.
  • Races
    • Learn about the races that can be found on Avlis.
  • Languages
    • The unique languages spoken on Avlis
  • Art and Literature
    • The in character creations of talented players and DMs.
Avlis Contact
  • The Avlis Team
    • Contact the team, or just read more about the people who help the world come alive.
  • IRC chat
    • How to connect to and join the Avlis IRC channel, the out of character lounge of Avlis.
  • How to Donate
    • Maintaining the infrastructure for a persistent world of this scope isn't free. Contributions help keep the world alive. Donate today!
Player Stuff
  • Player Characters
    • Feel free to make your own page about your character, or read about other characters.
  • Player's Playground
    • Stuff that players have thrown on the wiki over time. Pictures, quotes, jokes, and fun.