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These recent and historic events in M'Chek relate to the Sereg'wethrin, and take place from 2073 A.O.D. to present. As long-time foes, there have been many clashes between them and humans over the decades. Incidents continue to occur to this day without any resolution.

2161 A.O.D.

Red Shadows Acquitted

  • Mar 2161 (17 Mar 2006) The Red Shadows publish an open letter to the residents of Mikona. A few weeks later, the M'Chekian Guards withdraw the charges against the Red Shadows.
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2160 A.O.D.

Red Shadows Acused

  • May 2160 (26 Feb) The Red Shadows are found to be using captured M'Chekian soldiers to create their warriors, almost certainly through the same torturous process that the Sereg use to create Nwal'maer. The M'Chekian guards declare them enemies of M'Chek.

The Second Reappearance

  • Jan 2160 (19 Feb) A pair of Sereg'wethrin appear at the Mikona gates, claiming to offer peace. Within a few days, the M'Chekian Guards report that the Spite has resurfaced in M'Chek after many years of its absence, and seemingly random isolated attacks resume. This marks the reappearance of Spite not only in M'Chek, but in other nations of southern Negaria.
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2103 A.O.D.

A New Cure

  • Apr 2103 (19 Jan 2004) The recipe for Bloodsmoke Infusion is found. This new and potent cure for the Spite means the disease is no longer a threat to non-elven victims.

2100 A.O.D.

End of the Epidemic

  • Oct 2100 (22 Dec 2003) The gates of Mikona are reopened, after the Spite epidemic recedes.

2099 A.O.D.


  • Jun 2099 (7 Dec) The city of Mikona is quarantined due to an extreme outbreak of the Spite.

2090 A.O.D.

The First Reappearance

  • Jul 2090 (29 Aug) The Sereg return to Mikona, along with the Spite. Sereg assaults continue from this date on, but appear to be nothing but isolated incidences.


2076 A.O.D.

Assault on Mikona

  • Dec 2076 (30 Mar) The Sereg assault M'Chek in force and are barely thrown back. This is the last known incident of a Sereg Army attacking M'Chek. Henceforce it is minor raiding parties.

The Scepter of Insubstantiality

  • May 2076 (24 Mar) There Sereg are apparently using the Sceptre of Insubstantiality to pass through solid matter when assaulting Mikona, allowing them to breach the city's defenses easily. The Scepter belongs to a coal dragon who threatens M'Chek with his wrath if the scepter isn't recovered.

2074 A.O.D.

The Spite

  • Apr 2075 (28 Feb) The Sereg'wethrin Spite first strikes M'Chek.

2073 A.O.D.

The Sereg'wethrin

  • Nov 2073 (24 Feb3) The Sereg'wethrin, a devious breed of elf bred for the destruction of all humans, are spotted in Mikona. It soon becomes obvious that this is more than an isolated incident and the city is in grave peril.