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Ariana "Talisman" Aran
Race: Half-Nymph
Classes: FOIG
Guild affiliations: Green Order of the Forest
Most active on server: Wilderness
Contact: Leave a message

About Ari

She was once a traveler from a different place and had come to Avlis from the Infinite Staircase. She followed others to her new home. Ari's past is still somewhat unknown.

Ari is a Green Order mage and one of three shamans to Cor'vallen. Ari claims to have some connection to the centaurs of Skern and the ents that protect the village. She also claims to have a grove somewhere in the "dark forest".

Ari claims many of her friends as family. She calls them family of her heart. Some of those may actually be her living relatives. Those related to Ari have very similar facial features. Ari appears to be both Nymph and Dryad though her height leads to one believing she may also have human ancestry.