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Circe Phillippidis

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Class: Monk

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Origin: Brekon


  • Dagath Order of Life

Family Leda Gourget (maternal grandmother) Nikolos Phillippidis (father) Isidor Phillippidis (older brother) Nikolos Phillippidis jr. (older brother) Theodosius Phillippidis (older brother) Revel Phillippidis (older brother) Kassa Phillippidis (younger brother)


Circe is typical of young human women raised in rural Brekon. Her family are primarily loggers and tend to have several children to correct for the attrition of their hard life and the rigors of society as second class citizens. As such there are other families members unlisted as they have already passed on. Given their dimensions most of her siblings have followed in their fathers footsteps and become loggers. One is a shipwright, another a temple slave. Raised within the faith of Valok all her life Circe received the mixed blessing of the will and wit of her late mothers side, a side of which she could only glimpse through the time she was able to spend with her grandmother. As she came of age she was found to still be unbetrothed and risking severe reprisal chose to escape a future involving a harem or a gladiatorial pit she struck out for Ferrell by way of Dubnat and miraculously survived the journey safely.


Circe is a very small human. An inch over five feet tall on a good day and thin in a permanent fashion that suggests malnourishment. She has a deep olive complexion and bushy, wiry hair she keeps tied back and tamed with scented oil. Her belongings are simple, practical, sturdy and few. A knife, some clothes, a pouch containing a few flasks. She is lean and fit despite her sallow complexion and plain features, her eyes are softening as the indifference she was raised with is yielding to the concern that arises from a sense of interconnectedness.

Goals and Aspirations

Circe carried the Valokian faith to which she was born with her into Ferrell and freedom. Given her thoughtful nature she spent several days listening and speaking with others once she felt she could trust them to not harm her. Upon reflection Circe believes she may posses the multi-lifetime learning within her spirit to be of use to a god and leave the cycle of life, death and rebirth forever. To that end she has converted in faith to Dagath where she has a greater sense of harmony between her personal and still developing ethical ideals and that of the deity she most reveres. In the interest of this she does not kill anything that can speak, believing her will has no greater justification than their own to exist, she is also a vegetarian.

Although deeply programmed by the Church of Valok to fear and distrust arcane magic users the full immersion of Elysian culture is forcing her to come to terms with this. Typically she observes a new person on three different instances to determine if they represent a risk to her life or not. This is born from a fear to die before she has exited the cycle, risking a loss of the precious opportunity this life presents. This fear and the uniqueness of this life's opportunity is something she is also reconsidering.

In the meantime she enjoys listening to the stories and concerns of others, from a distance preferably so as not to disturb their line of thought. Occasionally she will offer her own advice but more often than not, she feels that any belief she possesses that she can provide useful advice to people of such vast experience is folly.