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Jack of O'Ma is a half-dryad cleric of O'Ma. [[1]]


Leaving the Grove

Jack came from the forests of T'Nanshi, where she was raised by her dryad mother around various other fey. Being only half-dryad, however, over the years, and especially after reaching maturity (or something like it) Jack found that she had grown out of this way of life, or perhaps she knew she could never grow into it and fit in quite as well as a full dryad. This realization, coupled with her mother's somewhat carefree (but caring) attitude, made it easy for Jack to leave the Grove.

Road to Elysia

After visiting the elves in Le'Or, and finding that wasn't where she "felt" she should be, Jack began to worry about where she should go next. T'Nanshi was big, with bandits and dragons and Titanians everywhere that poor Jack couldn't defend herself from! But luckily she met a nice human by the name of Zachan, who calmed her down, and offered to take her to Elysia. After some moments of hyperventilating Jack and Zachan were off to O'Ma's City, with no trouble on the way. Except two annoying kobolds.


Joining the Church

Jack has started serving O'Ma and joined the church, which she considers to be quite an accomplishment.