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Nelene Jora

Played by:Chas'nor



Profession:Bard Cleric

Locations:Elysia Ferrell

Nelene is a young woman of both stunning beauty and talent. As a cleric of The Harpinger and a singer of growing abiltiy she spreads the word of her Goddess across the lands. She calls herself a Spiritsinger, believing that the dead should be sung on to their path in the Cycle. She hopes to someday erect a shrine to The Harpinger in Elysia.

Thoughts on The Harpinger


The Harpinger has many faces. Represented equally as often as a man or a woman, no one knows the truth for fact. She is often described as a bard of great charisma and talent, sharing endless songs and tales while playing a gilded harp. This is considered the face of inspiration. The opposite face is that of the Messenger of Death. Shrouded in dark, tattered robes and appearing skeletal She is said to carry a sickle at Her belt and Her harp in hand. Listen as you die, She may sing you to the afterlife.


The Harpinger serves the Gods as the Messenger of Death. In this role she is closely associated with Dagath. When a mortal is dying, it is She who comes to take their soul on to the afterlife they have earned and their God has chosen for them. While this seems a simple task, it allows Her great access to and contact with the mortal world. Her touch is readily felt by all. Her other role is as the source of musical inspiration. Those who truly wish to pursue the art will pray to Her for inspiration to guide them in their work. By opening themselves to Her and releasing their bonds and ties to this life, She can touch their soul. That light touch of Her power inflames their creativity, it sparks the song in their souls.

Gospels of The Harpinger


There are three types of undead that we must concern ourselves with. First are the Sentient Undead such as vampires and liches. These are an abomination that should be destroyed. They are souls that refuse to answer Her call and follow her song. They are spirits that remain in their bodies long after their death. Second are Trapped Spirits such as ghosts, wraiths, and other incorporeal undead. They are souls trapped in this world by their own torment, dark magics, curses, and other causes. They are to be show compassion and helped on their journey to follow Her song. Last are the Animated Dead such as skeletons, zombies, and some mummies. These are nothing more than constructs animated with negative energies. She cares nothing for them, they are simply tools to be used as needed. Make them, use them, destroy them, ignore them, it is up to us each. Think of them no differently than you would a hammer or perhaps a golem.

Other Faiths

The Harpinger is a servant of the other Gods. She plays a functional role in the lives of all of Their faithful. As such, Their followers should be given respect as She would give Them. The worship of all Gods should be encouraged and their faiths duly observed. We as Her servants must tend to all, be it with song or with proper funeral rites. Learn the tenets of the other Faiths, learn the customs and ceremonies for the dead. Seek them out as a performer or a caretaker, whichever role has been chosen for you. Sings songs of their deeds, tell tales of their lives, sing them to Her. We take no sides, all are equal to Her and so shall they be to us.


Sing each day in and sing it out. Give Her thanks for your talents and the inspiration to make the most of them. Strive to make each piece perfect in itself. Remember that this perfection does not always come from complexity, the simplest ditty can endure for ever.


Fear not death for it will come with Her. Know that you will find your greatest inspiration only in releasing that which binds you to this hard world. Offer your spirit up to Her so that She may touch it and open your heart and mind to new glories. Should you find cause kill, send a song to Her that She may come and take them home. Should you find cause to heal or resurrect, send a song to Her that She might bless your work and allow them another day.


Live a life that pleases you. Find pleasure in life and song. Know that your life will end and She will come for you. Do not seek to live forever, such vanity insults Her. Know that you will live on for eternity in the afterlife you have earned in Her service.


Keep your faith in Her and share it with others. Know that you will be faced with those who doubt, fear, or hate your faith. Mortals do not wish to confront their own mortality and may lash out at you for this. Show them your pleasure, your thirst for life. Show them your care for their immortality in the afterlife. Live as an example of faith, show others the true meaning of trust in your God. Do not hide your faith in shame for fear of others judgments, enlighten them to Her truths that they may know that She is not to be feared, but welcomed. She will take them to an immortal eternity with their God.