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Salamander, Torori'Nevalor Akh'Velahr

File classified. Torori'Nevalor, Verloghokbol eyes only.

  • Age: adult
  • Race: Sereg'wethrin
  • Birthplace: Underdark, Primary Fortress
  • Class: tracker, blade dancer (Akh'Velahr'Shaalth)
  • Current assignment: Torori'Neva
  • Aliases: Salamander, Sally, Sal
  • Specialisation: recon & combat engineering, demolitions, arson
  • Military Service: Spider Cult War, Drotid/M'Chek War
  • Promotions: Recruit, Warrior, Elite, Lieutenant
  • Distinguishing Marks: crooked jaw, false teeth, embroidered tattoo on back and lower neck (golden & mithril thread, salamander motif)