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Sevyvia in early summer.

Name: Sevyvia.
Race: Half-Dryad.
Age: Roughly 120.
Residence: Elysia.
Occupation: Gartner.

Ir druid.gif     Sevyvia     Ir druid.gif


The Half-Dryad's frame is very elvish in nature, though perhaps a tad stockier than a regular Elf. Certainly not anywhere near as spindly as a Ghost Elf. Still, her proportions would probably remind one more of an elf than a human. In fact, she is often mistaken for an elf due to her form, and it is only if she is observed from season to season that her heritage becomes clear. Her eyes remain the same violet lavender color throughout the years, growing paler or richer depending on if it is winter or summer. Her hair and skin, however, give her away as being part Dryad. In the winter, her hair is so pale a blonde that it almost seems white. As begins to roll around, her hair slowly changes color to a rich, leafy green. Slowly, as the season gives way to summer, her hair turns a dark green that transforms into dark brown. Slowly, as summer vanes, her hair briefly takes on a fiery red color, one that quickly fades to orange , and then to blonde-white once more as winter takes hold of the land. Sevyvia's skin follows much the same pattern, although it sticks to normal elven and human skin colors. Almost albino white in the winter, which slowly, as spring and then summer comes, becomes a deep tan, the tan lasting well into autumn before it begins to fade away once more, completing the cycle.

The elf-Dryad hybrid seems to carry her eclectic looks with great comfort, in fact, she often even mirrors the changing nature of her body in the colors of her clothing. While she is by no means strong, she does not seem to possess the same frailty that some elves almost radiate. Her face most often rests in a light smile, whether talking, tending to nature or helping someone.