Sister Clemence's Wardrobe

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A listing of Alaria C. Fryar's more notable outfits.

Sister Clemence's Market Maid Dress

Worn: Across the marketplaces of Avlis.

Description: This garment is cut in the habit of a M'Chekian peasant woman's pinafore dress. The heavy ankle-length linen skirt stands out for its choice of dye; a vivid blood red. It is worn with a low cut wool silk undershirt in off-white, its elbow-length drawstring sleeves being the only visible part. The ensemble is topped by a sleeveless vest of tanned lambskin, framing the wearer's bust.

Sister Clemence's Vanity Realm Dress

Worn: Around Vorin's Treasure Trove, Ferrell Trade Fair and other business events.

Description: This Vanity Realm original in dark moss velvet is freshened up by the addition of puffed short sleeves. Burnished crane silhouettes circle the maxi skirt, soaring up to the bodice. A generous waitress' neckline in somber black completes the business causal outlook. In present day, Alaria is often seen in a similar outfit but the green has taken a plunge toward near black.

Sister Clemence's Kurathene Ballgown

Worn: Various Nor'Seere Court Functions link

Description: As far as the Kurathene classic is concerned, this garment only borrows the many-layered floor-length skirt. It is built on a foundation of tenebrous green silk canvas with a guipure lace overlay in black. The top would be risqué even for someone of humble chest prominence, let alone Alaria's bodily extremities. It is, in essence, comprised of two strips of matte black organza reaching down from each shoulder. Common sense suggests they remain in place thanks to a leather strap attachment or a skin-friendly adhesive but if anyone has come close enough to tell, they have not shared.

Sister Clemence's Poison Candy Frock

Worn: Truely Sweets TOP SWEET Contest Finale link

Description: A creation of Visimontium's Frimungun Fine Clothing Emporium, the design is clearly personalized to suit the ample physique of the wearer but in other ways as well. Alaria's overwhelming bosom is showcased by a lacquered corset in the form and coloration of a lily flower bud, crowned by a matching choker. A stiff decorative coat tail extends at the back, flaunting an oversized skull embroidery in slick poison green. The same type of silk lamé thread is used to create a dripping taffy effect down the skull's gaping maw. Slim detached sleeves continue the theme with miniature skulls floating in a candy stream. The centerpiece, indubitably, is the voluminous skirt. Clouds of cotton candy pink tulle lace are layered over green taffeta, sending sweet whispers with each move.

Sister Clemence's Snowdrop Gown

Worn: During dinner with the Ahrma'Suoril of Angadar at Elysia's Merchant's Rest. Notably accessorized with a hair tint in matching icy

Description: A prime example of extreme décolletage. Hot gossip has surrounded this piece since Alaria completed the design at BKW Fashions' sewing room on Kitanya Hill. The Snowdrop Gown is remarkable for teasing the line between a blushing maiden and a woman known for her confidence in the affairs of the flesh; a nod to Alaria's Elysian heritage. It combines elements that she is already infamous for, such as a collarbone to navel neckline, with two strips of snow white silk strategically positioned on each side. The same gossamer fabric flows into a floor length cloak and also forms the foundation of the billowing skirt. The most delicate spring green embroidery climbs up from the skirt hem and onto the detached sleeves.

Sister Clemence's M'Chekian Navy Gown

Worn: Commodore's Ball at Stone Harbor link

Description: For M'Chekian formal occasions, the former Drakehall courtier would drape her ample physique with layers of black satin, belted in gilded leather and trimmed in navy blue. The blue thread circles the skirt in a flowing lettering: thedarknessiseverywhereandineveryone. Fans of the late Drakehall bard, Ursula Seleivara, may be able to identify the text as the closing stanza of 'The Waltz'.

Sister Clemence's Blood Silk Kimono

Worn: Never in public. Sacrificed as an offering to

Description: Also known as The Cunning of the Serpent, this is a traditional Jechran wrap dress sewn from heavy, jacquard-woven silk fabric. It combines Alaria's favorite colors, deep swamp green for the robe and sanguine red for the sash. The robe fabric is decorated by raised embroidery with a serpentine motif, stylized Jechera lizards. For the sash, the needlepoint follows a simple bar pattern. The wide, loose sleeves follow the prescribed length, reaching to the base of the wearer's thumb.

Sister Clemence's Bamboo and Lotus Kimono

Worn: Never in public.

Description: Also known as The Spirit of the Lake, this is a sleeveless Jechran wrap dress sewn from breathable raw silk. The robe is hand-painted with outlines of bamboo stems in midnight green. The sash is a veritable work of art, a length of calm lake blue with lotus flowers embroidery featuring gold-thread outline.