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Open Game

Game 1 :

Answer Zvidureth -- Winner Krator

Hint: (A place)
Word: Z v i d u r e t h
Misses: L

Game 2 :

Answer Drotid Armistice -- Winner Eef

Hint: (A thing)
Word: _ r _ _ _ _    A r m _ _ _ _ _ e

Game 3 :

Answer Fegallishaaven -- Winner Fifty

Hint: (?)
Word: _ e _ a _ _ _ s _ a a _ e n
Misses: O, T

Game 4 :

Answer ? -- Winner ?

Hint: (Wise)
Word: _ _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Guess: a

Other AvlisHangman Games

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Allowed words

The following words are allowed:

  • Words having an entry of their own in the Avlis Player Wiki and their correct variations
  • Words that are items or objects in the world of Avlis
  • Words in any Avlissian Language other than common

Order of play

The Hangman template is to be used for each game. The following parameters are used in this template to display the game in progress:

  • word:The word (pattern) to be guessed. Blanks are represented by dots ( _ ) and guessed letters are filled in by the executioner in capitals
  • guess:The current guess. This is one letter added to the template by the guesser (put the letter after "guess=" and before "|"). It is removed and added to the word (or misses) by the executioner.
  • misses:The list of missed letters already guessed. These should be listed in alphabetical order in lower-case.
  • misscount:The executioner keeps track of the miss count. This starts at 0 and is incremented by 1 when the guesser makes an incorrect guess. A miss count of 6 means the guesser has lost the game.

Example game in progress

The following example shows that the guesser has guessed T, S, Z, Q, R and E, and it is the executioner turn to say where the e goes.

Hint: (A thing)
Word: S _ r _ _
Misses: t,z,q
Guess: w

Wiki Markup:

      hint=A thing|
      word= S _ r _ _|
      misses= t,z,q