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  • The In Character information described here about Avlis Trade Fairs is considered common knowledge, that may be known by any PC.
  • This article also contains Out Of Character dates and other information. Use common sense when deciding if, or how, that should be used IC.

"I got a great idea. Let us arrange a 'Country Fair' in Ferrell. Just like they use to do in the olden days when I was a wee lad... bear wrestling, spit-roast wild boar, jugglers, soothsayers, bards, etc. etc.!

And the best bit ... it would be an absolutely fabulous place to hold a market and do a little business!"

– Bill Burnham of the South-Avlis Trade Federation, The beginning of Avlis Trade Fairs (Oct 25, 2003).

Avlis Trade Fairs


  • Needs some info and history maybe.

Future Trade Fair Dates

The dates below link to events on the Avlis forum calendar. These dates are provided as advanced notice for Avlis players and staff to prepare for upcoming Trade Fairs.

Until these events have been posted as notices on the IC Avlis forum, the dates may be subject to revision.

Other Trade Fair Related Links (IC and OOC)