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Flowera Jooscia

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Race: Avariel

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Origin: Unknown

Religious Devotions: Kelvos

Occupation: Matchmaker Extraordinaire

Known Relatives and Relations: None

Coming to Mikona:

  • While it is nothing rare in the city of Mikona, almost nothing is known of Flowera before she entered the socialite scene of the grand south. Outside of rumors ranging from the mundane to the ridiculous, there is no existing and consistent personal account that anyone can seem to recall. Some say she hails from as far north as Deglos or the Kurathene Empire, others hear stories of her being an escaped slave or a wealthy merchant's daughter cut off- no one is entirely sure and she has yet to take to correcting them. Many people do find it curious how a lady behaving so well-to-do came to acquire her skills with bows and shadows.

Matchmaker Extraordinaire:

  • Shortly after settling in Mikona and frequenting the local taverns with her jovial love of company, Flowera began her matchmaking business in homage to her god. As her pamphlets in the weekly paper claims, the service is free of charge, and is quickly gaining notoriety for its romantic profiles of the famous and elite.

Among the nobility and commonfolk, her clients so far have included:

Likeness and Disposition

A unique face: What strikes most onlookers at first is Flowera's distinct lack of hair on her head- it is noticeably clean-shaven or covered in fair fuzz as the light of both moon and day reflect from her creamy white brow. Her eyebrows are themselves gentle white-blonde things that leave her pale blue eyes open for expression; the rest of her face below the nose is concealed by a colored silk cloth kept taught with delicate chains to her earrings. Occasionally the edges of her smile peaks out from the corners, and the skin there shows signs of disfigurement.

An impeccable fashion style: Her colors are favorably those of Kelvos, and her choice in cuts and cloth are the latest in lady's trends from any number of major cities. Always determine to look her absolute best, she complains often of tears or holes in her dresses, and this is perhaps why she prefers to stay back and use archery in battle.

A love of jewels: Anyone who has met Flowera would tell you they wonder how she walks. She drapes and adorns herself in a myriad of the finest jewels that affix themselves in a different display from day to day. She is careful not to be flaunting, though, and leaves plenty of empty space for the eye to wander to her fine clothes and fair skin.

Mannerisms: While she is no beauty of the conventional kind, what she lacks in looks she does her best to make up for in courteous banter, flirtatious encounters and a general thirst for the presence of others, no matter the sort. She takes great pleasure in social gatherings, is comfortable in crowds and seems to never meet a stranger. Generous and highly trusting, she will pad the egos of friends and enemies alike.