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Name: Gurkz

Sex: Male

Race: Gnoll

Hometown: Nightfang Mountain

Class: Fighter, Barbarian

Faith Ra-Ghul

Title Painbringer Of Ra-Ghul, Beserker of Fury

Known guild affiliations: Le'Nofaythen T'Nanshi 6th Division (Warrior)

Known current dwelling place (and contact): East of Zvidureth (Gurkz Cave), Wilderness of T'Nanshi ((PM Ashan))

Most active in: Gurkz is often seen sitting outside The Leaping Stag in Zvidureth sharing drinks and stories with any that care to join him. Though it is not uncommon to find him wandering T'Nanshi and the bordering lands in search of his next great feat.

The Beginings

Gurkz was born in the Nightfang Mountains in Deglos; Shunned and taunted by the rest of the clan as he was born with blonde fur, he often found himself alone and having to hunt for himself. During one of these periods he was discovered by a T'Nanshi patrol sent to recover slaves taken in a recent raid. The leader of this patrol - a young elven woman took pity on the pup before them and offered Gurkz a chance to join them. She persuaded Gurkz. As they spoke, they were ambushed by a Gnoll Patrol. Gurkz stood tall and let out a terrifying roar heaving his axe in the air as he charged at the Gnoll patrol. A look of pure feral Rage in his eyes, he cleaved through the patrol. As he calmed down, he realized the Nanshin patrol had been slayed all but the young Nanshin girl who was so kind to him. Gurkz took the wounded girl in his arms and turned his back on the clan the mountains and all he had known and headed to Le'Or, and a new life.


Le'Or And Beyond

Gurkz spent several years training with the watch in Le'Or defending against raids from his former clan, his natural size and strenght making him well suited to life as a soilder.

As his ability grew, so did his Wanderlust. Deciding that Le'Or was well defended, he left the Canopies in search of somewhere he could make more of a difference. After several days wandering the forest he came across the village of Zvidureth. Stopping at The Leaping Stag inn for a drink, he began talking to the locals, and soon fell in love with the small town and proclaimed himself Its guardian.

It was here that he met Fletcher and Pan'na Millstone. He soon became good friends with the pair, expressing his desire to join the local division of Le'Nofaythen T'Nanshi - the 6th Division - to Fletcher. He quickly wrote to Woodsmistress Ellowin Kiff and following a meeting, Gurkz became a recruit. As his training improved, Gurkz began tapping into a Primal Rage as he fought, cleaving those that stood in his path. This led him to the Church of Ra-Ghul, god of battle ragers.

Unleashing the Fury

Unleashing The Fury

Gurkz began to worship Ra-Ghul. He happened upon Sable at the Elf Gate of Elysia and she told him more about his new God.

As the weeks progressed, Gurkz's rage became more powerful. He dedicated each battle to Ra-Ghul by calling His name. Ra-Ghul saw his promise and granted Gurkz a mighty Rage blessing, allowing him to unleash a powerful flame engulfing Gurkz and his Axe. It is from this point that Gurkz began to refer to himself as a Painbringer of Ra-Ghul, after the mighty raging Gnolls of his former clan.

A few weeks later Gurkz met Sable of Ra-Ghul again, the pair dueled outside of Elf Gate. Impressed by what she saw, Sable offered Gurkz to join The Fury of Ra-Ghul. Upon Gurkz accepting this honour, Sable gave him the title of Beserker Of Fury. From then on Gurkz decided to dedicate his life to Ra-Ghul, spreading His word to all he meets and any that will listen.

Since becoming a member of the Fury, Gurkz has converted his Cave in T'Nanshi into a Shrine to Ra-Ghul so that all of His warriors may have a place to rest and worship in T'Nanshi. Inside the cave are many statues and artifacts to Ra-Ghul and a wall detailing many great fights and battles of both Ra-Ghul and Gurkz.