Epic Spell:Hellball

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Evocation [ Acid, Electricity, Fire, Sonic ]
Level: Clr 10, Drd 10, Sor/Wiz 10
Innate Level: 30
Component(s): V, S
Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: Medium
Target: Huge
Duration: Instantaneous
Counter(s): --
Saving Throw: Reflex 1/2 (Evasion Ineffective)
Spell Resistance: Yes
Metamagic: None
Energy Substitution: No
Requirements: 32 ranks in spellcraft and one of: Epic Cleric, Epic Druid, Epic Sorcerer, Epic Wizard, Pale Master 15th level

A hellball is a massive blast of energy that detonates with a thunderous roar. It deals 1d6 points of damage per two caster levels (caster level is capped at 25; 30 for Clerics, Druids and members of Andrinor's Trust; 40 for casters with rank 3 in an AMS, and 45 for casters with Trust Rank or Favored) in each of the following types: acid, electricity, fire and sonic to all creatures within the area. With this spell, there is no place to hide and so while a successful reflex saving throw can reduce the damage taken there is no way to escape it completely. Unattended objects also take this damage. Any creature who feels 50 points of damage from the hellball is also knocked over for 1 round. Elemental abjurations and other protections may reduce damage sustained, but these will not protect against feeling the hellball.

A sun-bright, fist-sized globe of strobing energy streaks forth and blossoms into an effect described by the rare survivor as hell on earth.

Hellball is such a powerful spell that the caster is also subject to some damage from casting it. When casting a hellball, the caster takes 1d6 points of damage for every two caster levels (approximately one-quarter the damage done to others caught in the hellball). Note that the casting range is inside the area of effect, leaving a reckless caster exposed to their own hellball. Solutions to this problem include a hasted run after casting, or taking advantage of nearby cover (as any cover that blocks line of sight from the blast epicenter negates all damage).