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Drashter Volterz: Maleki's Chosen Battlepriest

Blackguard. Blackcoat. Blackhawk. Black heart!



Name:Drashter Volterz
Height:7 feet 2 inches
Weight:About 410 pounds
Known Affiliations:
- Blackguards of Maleki
- Blackhawk Brigade, M'Check Army
  • Serpent's Tail Campaign Medal
  • Medal of the Eastern Seas
  • Victory Medal
  • Mikona's Valor

Born of a human man and an ogre female, Drashter spent his early life in the eastern outskirts of Elysia. His clan claimed a hill there where the ettins and ogres lived a violent yet isolated existence. Among his fellow giant-kin, Drashter was told about the Giant-Father and Lord of Slaughter: Maleki. On occasion, when passers-by were foolish or ignorant enough to come too close to the clan's hill, they would be attacked and likely eaten.

Given that Drashter was a runt among the pure-blooded ettin and ogre, he was mistreated on a daily basis. Eventually, the half-ogre abandoned his kin to start a new life within the city. Given his enormous size and strength, finding work was not difficult; whether tending fields, working the warehouse, or collecting past due debts. All was going as well as can be expected, until Drotid invaded.

After the fall of Elysia, Drashter moved to the city of Mikona. It was here that he came to temple and began training under the tutelage of Father Gork at the High Temple in clergy studies. This desire to wear the Blackcoat [1] quickly turned to a lust for battle. As such, Drashter fell in to the company of numerous Blackguards. Committing himself to this pursuit, the half-ogre has come into his own as a relentless and vile brother of the faith.

Elysia is ever upon Drashter's mind. Although fiercely faithful to M'Check, the Malekite remembers his clan being under scrutiny of the Shaahesk Army. In order to do what he can to help his former home and to satiate his bloodlust, Drashter joined the Blackhawk Brigade of the M'Check Army. He has fought in numerous battles and has been decorated for valor and bravery in service to the superb fighting force.