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Jack Kenthel
Race: Human
Classes: Bouncer / Windwalker
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Jack Kenthel is the de facto leader of a gang of thugs, psychopaths, and malcontents formerly based in Le'Or. An incident involving a fire in the Temple of Dru'El led to the group being stripped of all possessions as compensation, and they subsequently scattered. Recently, several members have managed to track him down and demand their own compensation, leading the smaller band to get back together in an effort to rebuild their former fortune.

Or, possibly, to make sure Jack doesn't take their investment and disappear...

Vital Statistics

Name: Jack Kenthel
Race: Human
Height: 6ft.
Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Tattoos: Green & silver knots on upper/lower arms, calves

From Jack's personal collection. Note: this bounty already has been collected.


Jack grew up on the mean streets of Le'Or, where every day is a struggle to survive... the near-universal peacefulness and boredom. Jack craved action and Le'or didn't have any, at least not until he and Eli met. Various other troublemakers joined the pair as their escapades got more bold, and what followed was a crime spree that left them all rich and well-equipped for a life on the canopy roads. Eventually, luck caught up with them. An experiment with a morningstar led to a raging fire in the High Temple of Dru'El and when the smoke cleared, Jack and his companions were divested of all their possessions to pay for the damage and the resurrections, and only escaped being flung off the canopies by agreeing to leave T'Nanshi for an undetermined amount of time.

Jack and his companions scattered, and after some time he and Bel'edine settled in Mikona to recover his losses. Eventually, the surviving members of his gang tracked him down and demanded repayment for the gear they'd lost. Though it was unclear why Jack should be responsible for the whole incident, sharpened steel is very persuasive and after some persuading he agreed to double their losses if they stuck around to help him.

Jack currently fights with a technique known as Windwalking,claimed to be either the harnessing of a Tyeduan Wind Spirit to aid in battle, or a conditioned fighting style learned through battle under the influence of a mind-altering chemical powder. He is variously a bouncer, caravan guard, roadside bandit, scrap dealer, safe cracker, grave robber, and pit fighter. Jack has twice won 2nd place in the Southhill Advanced Fighting Championship, losing the championship bout to a dishonest cheating Dominator named Relloc the first time, and in a proper match to Torok of Elysia in the second.


Framble: Halfling mage, aspiring pyromancer. Erratic and prone to random violence, Framble can often be found exploiting Yonia, his pixie familiar.
Eli: Jack's oldest companion. Eli handles with finesse what Jack fails to smash or break.
Bel'edine: Unfailingly subservient female companion, sometimes even wearing a leash and collar when travelling. While she appears to be owned as a slave, the exact nature of her relationship to Jack is unclear.
George: Cleric of Kelvos with an affinity for any weapon with a long, hard shaft he can grip.
Eudaimon Dawnblade: Companion met in Mikona, they get on well despite little apparent in common.
Liam Dald: Mentor in the fighting arts, Jack defends his honor and his person without thought or question.

Jack Kenthel's Tourist Guide to Imprisonment

The forward to this rare volume is unique in that it contains a coded message implicating Jack in the abduction of the Vorinite scribe to whom he dictated the guide. Some excerpts from the entries on various southern nations:

From Jack's personal collection. If the dog hadn't bitten his pants during the robbery, the list of charges would be shorter.


Amenities Shackle Rating Notes
Comfort 3 Shackles Cells minimally clean, corpse-free. Elimination grate. Regular food.
Companionship 5 Shackles Visitors allowed. Wide metal bars allow intimate contact, exchange of contraband. Friendly guards.
Escape 2 shackles Friendly guards are everywhere. Null magic. Elimination grate too small. Bars could be farther apart.
Value 2 Shackles Bribery very expensive. Short occupancy time means high release charge.
Overall 4 Shackles High-priced but relaxing and convivial spirit makes for a pleasant stay if you can afford it. Be sure to mention Greater Good for a discount.

Elysia's law enforcement (known as Le'Megen T'Elysia) is effective but often lenient, sometimes willing to believe a sob story or give an otherwise decent citizen the benefit of the doubt. They wear unmistakable red and silver armor, and patrol regularly.


When arrested, explain yourself as much as possible - mitigating circumstances can get you off with a fine, or possibly no charges at all. Be creative but serious. Resist arrest only when you are certain you haven't been identified - Le'Megen keeps excellent records. Often, accusing the victim will bear surprising fruit. Le'Megen are allowed to use deadly force to subdue criminals. While they'll probably say a lovely eulogy to you in the Temple of O'Ma, you're better off not fighting them unless you're sure you'll win and none of the witnesses will survive.


Elysia's jails are located in the North Tower attached to the Elf Gate. Visitors are welcome, but guards patrol constantly. Cells are indoors and relatively clean, with numerous locations to hide weapons and contraband. Open plan means you will be facing someone, probably someone drunk. Lucky inmates could find themselves facing drunken nymphs! Little surprises abound. Regular food and an opportunity to have your case heard make the time pass quickly, but expect to spend a king's ransom getting out. Adding to the sting, most fines are paid directly to the victim.


Payment of fines results in immediate release for petty infractions. Obviously murder is more serious, with the fines ranging from 10,000 gold to 'also getting killed'. Le'Megen is very insistent about getting their gold - they will beat you senseless and take items of value from you, which they hold until you pay up. If you have no gold or possessions, expect to be given manual labor until the value of your work matches your fine. Running away from punishment converts your fine into an instant ban from all Elysian territories until you make payment.

Seriously, they want their gold. As I said, your fine will usually be paid to your victim who will promptly go buy something nice that you like, and flaunt it. Be sure to check for possible witnesses before addressing this injustice.

Le'Or T'Nanshi

Amenities Shackle Rating Notes
Comfort 1 Shackle Was shot immediately. Pleasant light breeze while being thrown over canopies overshadowed by sudden stop at bottom.
Companionship 2 Shackles Watch members laughed while shooting... amusing but short-lived. Helpful shove onto lift at Grovehaven.
Escape 5 shackles Escape remarkably easy. Options include forcible ejection from nation, panicked flight to nearest border, shot to death.
Value 1 Shackle Bribery easy but surprisingly ineffective. Gold not returned. Healing expensive after being shot.
Overall 1 Shackle Prison nonexistent, but constant barrage of arrows makes evading pursuit a challenge. Expect nanshin to appear out of thin air beside you just as escape seems likely.

Le'Or T'Nanshi's law enforcement (known as the Watch) is practically nonexistent, but don't let that fool you. T'Nanshi citizens are usually armed and enjoy taking the law (such as it is) into their own hands. This practice is accepted, encouraged, and enshrined in the national custom, leaving a City Watch both unnecessary and mostly redundant.


When arrested, explain yourself quickly before the shooting starts. A quick admission of guilt followed by the return of stolen goods can sometimes be enough to calm the situation. Feign drunkenness or mellowsmoke confusion to add an extra layer of excuse. There are no formal fines. Wronged parties will demand immediate compensation, or immediate vengeance for serious crimes. After listening to explanations, authorities will vie for opportunity to shoot you first. When guilt is obvious, local citizens often skip the listening part. Flight is possible, but the wise know to keep running until they have left T'Nanshi altogether. Stealth is the national sport, and the locals play constantly.


Le'Or T'Nanshi has no jails. Punishment is handed down immediately and failure to comply results in expulsion from the nation, or in extreme cases summary execution. If you've gotten to this point, it's usually too late.


If you survived the "incarceration", you are usually free to go about your business. If after an encounter with the locals you cannot or will not make amends, you will shortly find yourself ejected from the forest with instructions not to return without restitution and some form of pithy apology compelling to the Dru'Elite sense of decency and melodrama.