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Kara Kalinor.jpg
Kara Kalinor
Race: Human/Elf
Classes: Bard/Arcane Archer
Guild affiliations: Blackhawk Brigade
Most active on server: M'Chek/Mikona
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Kara was born in the vicinity of Nelthrope keep, but around the age of 4 she and her human mother moved to Blandenburg where she grew to adulthood. The identity and whereabouts of her elven birth father is unknown to her.

Most of Kara's childhood was spent hanging around traveling minstrels and learning the art of archery from Kern Kalinor, a ranger friend of her mothers, whom eventually married her mother and became her stepfather. She carries his last name with pride.

As she reached her teens her mothers chronic illness grew worse and Kara spent increasing time taking care of her until she passed away shortly after Kara's 20th birthday.

Bognar's Adventuring Band.

In the wake of her mothers passing Kara did not feel like staying in Blandenburg. She packed what she could carry and set out for Mikona.

She had barely arrived when she ran into Bognar, Phalo, Tilly, Givy, Ludwik and the rest of what eventually became 'Bognar's Adventuring Band'. For a while the group traveled around Avlis together broadening Kara's horizons considerably both in terms of seeing more of the world and learning how to get along with different cultures and mindsets. A skill that became a useful asset for her as she joined the Blackhawks.

Joining the Blackhawks.

To be continued.