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Occupation: Avenger of Dru'El
Recruit, Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi
Member of Shemathen'le'Yeritath

Most active around: T'Nanshi

Gender: Male

Birthplace: The T'Nanshi forest


Lalant in T'Nanshi

Lalant appears to be a somewhat short elf with long dark red hair. He is usually seen wearing an overly bright green cloak which matches perfectly with the brilliant green-dyed leather he wears. A heavy bow, or a white staff topped with a green crystal, is often in one of his hands. Lalant walks and moves with a light step. Those who have known Lalant well for some time may think his appearance is rather odd nowadays, particularly when close up.


Lalant is a curious individual who means well but is sometimes overly naive. He is eager to fight for the well being of life as well as nature. He tends to get nervous easily, however, and often gets very confused in social situations. Lalant is a loyal follower of Dru'El.


Lalant claims to have been raised by his father, an elf in the forests under Le'Or. For some reason, the appearance of his father tends to change with each telling of the story. As a young child, he followed on his parent's hunting trips, occasionally stopping at small towns, but never straying long away from the wilderness. Often his parent would be gone for long periods of time- most recently several years, leaving Lalant to fend for himself. Lalant is no longer sure what his father looks like, and has given up on searching.

Recent History

Lalant travels throughout T'Nanshi, and occasionally beyond, seeking to aid those he can and discover new things. He has been a member of the Shemathen'le'Yeritath for some time now, and attempts to watch over the forest that he calls home. He fought the Evrakians when they were attempting to corrupt T'Nanshi; he aided in the fights against the demons at Visimontium, and has taken an role in several nature restoration projects throughout the land. He has also been training with Avengers for almost ten years.

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