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Name: Luna aka LUNA-tic

Race: Human Female


Luna was born in Elysia, To a farming Family. She had a father a mother, an older Brother Triwise, and one younger sister Shista. Life was very tough on Luna, Her father a bad follower of the Teaching of O'Ma. would beat Triwise and Luna Regularly for breaking his Rules around the House. Regular Beatings on the hands and Feet where given every time Luna or Triwise Broke house rules. There father always outspoken, yelling for O'ma to teach his children to behave. Shista was daddies little girl, To young to break the rules. She was always praised. Luna and Triwise Grew to Hate all Gods Especially O'Ma.

Luna always seeking for the Love of all people always listened to her older brother, to a fault. She would do anything her brother asked her to do as long as it brought affection from her brother. Which always got her into trouble as her brother would convince Luna to do Horrible Things.

One night after Triwise took a beating from there father. Luna came to her brothers Defence. A Violent battle of Words Insued between Luna and her Father. As her Father began to get Physical, Shista showed up to Try and End the Fight. But All Luna Could hear was her Brother's Course bloody words coming out of his mouth. "Kill him Please Luna before he Gets you First" A Blast of Rage went through Luna. She Picked up Her Fathers Sword lieing on the Chair Next to Her. She Jumped sword pointed at her father. Pushing the Blade clear through him and into Shista.

Both Father and Youngest sister Died that night. Luna Held her sister in her Arms dieing. Cold, Her heart burning. Her mind not wanting to feel the pain no longer. put her sister's head on the ground, Looked up to the Full moon, and Has completly forgot she had a sister. Triwise watching all this has found that by using her guilt of this night, He has even more control of a sister that shows Real Physical Strength. She knows in her heart what happened this day. but to keep it from resurfacing, she will do what ever her brother wants. For she has not the Strength to face it. YET! Luna has been Given a Few names from people that still remember where she comes from. Moon Girl, do to her name sake. As well a Luna-tic for what she did that night.

Luna Disappeared for sometime, Living as a begger child. She learned to Weild a sword. Her heart cold to Most people, she Learned she was a Good Bandit and a thief. Living on the streets of Mikona. Luna began to Form a New life. In time She Started to Forget all about her troubles. She Began to Form Real friends. Even a Male friend she liked Very much. He was a member of the M'Chekian Army, While in his presence she felt strong and free. She Watched his Prowless of the Blade and Learned from him. When she was alone, and Needed to Not think of the past she would adventure all over the Country side. Making notes of her Journeys. She really enjoyed watching the Bards sing and Dance.

Luna Envied this ability and has tried to follow without guidance she seems to becoming a fair Bard of lore and history. When her Brother Made contact with her she turned to her male friend for Protection. But she found that he left for a far away city. Anger welled up in her once more. She read his name on a mikona Plaque. For his efforts in the War. Not being able to Control her feelings she made him dead in her mind. The plaque ment he was dead.

Luna sought many ways to feed her anger. Thieft of the Nobles homes in Mikona, Pisonic Powers to Control her mind. This Worked until she felt so bad for her Life, That the Power of the mind was lost to her. Chaos filled her thoughts until she found the Avlis Arms & Armour Association guild. The learning of skills helped control her mind. She would be seen mining ore. Gatherning wood, Herbs,even making potions. she tried to Learn it all.

Just before Luna was to Become a Guild Memeber her brother Triwise showed up once again. A Wizard of some Kind he conviced her to Kill for him. But in the Night, during the Full moon. Luna Ran Off. she jumped on the Ship For Kuras and has not looked back.

Luna Now living in Kuras has once again Found a new Life. Seems to Be turning her life around a new path. Her male friend found to be living also in this town has givin her some strength. But her real strength now Comes from her Guild. The Luminous Order of the Mind. They above all others are teaching Luna how to control her Chaos. One day even how to Kill Past demons and Put a End to her brothers hold on her.

Only time will tell!!