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Rakuug Yug'loz
Race: Orc
Classes: Cleric, Fighter, Dominator
Guild affiliations:
Church of Valok
Most active on server: Mikona
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A pilgrim from Brekon, come to serve the southern church of Valok. Waylaid by bandits she lost everything, now she seeks to regain her standing in new environs. She joined the Blackhawks under her Church's urging and has served well. Defending the city of Mikona from the Goblin necromancer Khamut Skullface, the Kin Raven's brutal attacks and has been instrumental in many other Glorious victories.


Tall, broad shouldered, and clad in the burnished golden armor of a Dominator, Rakuug makes an imposing appearance. Though she could not be described as pretty in the conventional sense, she is certainly handsome. Her hair is usually kept short and swept back in a military style, held in place by a circlet of gold. Her speech has a slight Brekkonese accent and she is well spoken, eloquent and tactful.


Stern and haughty. Slow to forget a grudge. She always acts with a sense of purpose and ambition.


Her service to the Church of Valok and the Holy Guardian has resulted in her being inducted into the ranks of the Dominators, a true daughter of Valok at last. She also serves in the Blackhawks with several commendations and medals to her name.

  • Rakuug's leather bound journal : Prayers, ravings, accounts and reminders (This is off-site, and purely OOC information unless RakuugICly shows someone a copy of her notes, or gives someone one of these books.)