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Basic Info

Full Name: Ulfeit Rumnaheim

Ulfeit Rumnaheim

Race: Dwarf (Dubgaldokin)

Gender: Male

Age: 100-ish

Alignment: Lawful Good

Class: Fighter/Cleric/Dwarven Defender

Deity: Gorethar


Tall, for a dwarf, Ulfeit stands at 4'11. Brown hair hangs below his shoulders, though he tends to have it pulled up during battle. His beard is very well groomed, he considers that his best feature and keeps it in two braids most of the time. He is quite handsome for one of his kin. While around new people he tends to be very quiet and observing, though if you get him around a group of dwarves you can hardly shut him up, unless you give him an ale. He has a well built frame and fairly muscular. He keeps his equipment in tip-top shape, and never goes anywhere without a good hammer at his side. Like his mentor, and good friend Thror, he uses a large maul most of the time in combat.


Ulfeit was born in northern Deglos, along the border to Galdos (roughly 100 miles south of the border) to Torhuhn and Torgga Rumnaheim . He grew up learning the ways of the forge along with his brother Balaim. Their father, Torhuhn, was a proud and devout follower of Gorethar and strived for both of his sons to follow the Battlelord's path.

After his father's tragic death during a mining accident Ulfeit set out from his home and journeyed throughout Deglos, and later set out to see the world outside the mountain. After exploring southern Avlis he decided that he preffered the caverns and spent most of his time in Deglos, joining the Dwarf Brigade and later reviving the group as the Deglos Brigade.

He now seeks to purge his homeland of the evil vampire, Lord Vendis Dranuhl, so that he can lead a quite life of blacksmithing and one day raise a family. Much of his life has been confusing for the proud Dwarf. Ulfeit, now over one hundred, has gone through several religions, and has now found his place with the Battlelord once again.

Throughout these major changes in his life, one thing remained strong : "Make me Da proud fer me.." This is what he has lived by since his father's passing, everything he does in his life he tries to do what he thinks his father would, or what he beleives would make his father happy for him.

One of his greatest friends in the world is a fellow Brigadier, Losin Rockhands, who he counts on to give insight and support into his ideas, which are hair-brained at best. After all that they have been through Ulfeit see's her in a new light, and only his brother Balaim has noticed the little crush he has...

After quite some time in contemplation, Ulfeit has rejoined the Order of Gorethar, and hopes to serve with his friends and Brethren for many years in the future.

Guild affiliations :

Order of Gorethar - Adherent

Avlis Arms and Armour - Journeyman

Advancement of Knowledge and Nature - High Apprentice

Deglos Brigade - Elder Councilman, War Council (former)

Keepers of the Cycle

The journal of Ulfeit Rumnaheim