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Unique, Bardess Extrordinaire

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Name: Unique (pronounced Uni-kwa')

Race: Orc
Sex: Female
Class: Bard
Server: Mikona
Player: dougnoel

Unique is a young orc out to make a name for herself and become an international bardic orc sensation. An immigrant to Mikona, she hopes that her peppy tunes will bring a smile to people's faces and a coin to her purse.


This small, greying leather-bound book is filled with grease-stained pieces of rag paper, parchment scraped so thin it's completely transparent, and a couple of pieces of bark. The book is held together with a piece hemp string, a ripped piece of purple silk cloth (white lace still attached) and a piece of mithril wire.

Two pigs - 2 silver
Two dozen eggs - 3 copper
Four loaves of bread -

Ballad of Gurg the Orc

((Tune Reference))

Oh, let me tell ya story 'bout an orc named Gurg.
Lived in Brekon town, in an outer burg.
He was out one day, crushin' him some skulls,
When he was knocked out from behind by a raging bull... (Minotaur that is, hulking beast man, horned horror.)

Well Gurg woke up in a field full o' bones,
His whole regiment had been turned to magic stone.
So he picked up his club and his old dented shield.
And walked all the way to the tiny people's fields. (Ferrell that is, placid waters and fishin' holes.)

So Gurg the orc, he became a fisherman.
Doin' what he wanted, and livin' off the land.
And if ever trouble should come take root,
Well old Gurg, he's still fleet of foot! (Runs like the wind...See ya Gurg! Bye, bye now...)

- Natmos overdue for three dozen bales of hay...send note to Urka Kneebreaker.
- Eggs Nickers bringing in fourteen cases of T'Nanshi Brandy tonight at Ferrell Docks.
- Uneekwa ran away again. Send Urgbos to Itchy's Tavern to look for her.