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Full Name: Ziik


  • Martial Arts
  • Philosphy
  • Psionics
  • Emotion

Ziik is a very scrawny pale blue cave goblin. He stands approximately 3 feet tall. He is exceptionally bony and has sparse, thin hair cascading from his head and down his back with a large matted dreadlock hanging off to one side. He stands straight and proud, usually wearing loose fitting clothing with a large holy symbol of The'ton proudly displayed around his neck.

He carries very little. One medium sized bag is tied to one hip, and a smaller on the opposite side. He is sometimes seen cradling a small bundle of blankets, at times prodding it with a rusty old instrument usually used for torture.

Ziik wears a permanent scowl upon his face.

Ziik isn't overly shy, but he doesn't intend on bringing much attention to himself. He is surprisingly well spoken for a goblin, possessing a much larger vocabulary than most other specimen of his race. He seems to have patience and foresight uncharacteristic to other goblins.

Though he is generally polite and well mannered, he has been known to be quite cruel to those he deems as weaker. He also seems to like to play with peoples emotions, usually fear.


All that is known is that Ziik claims to be from Dubunat. He came to the south for wisdom.