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Tissa sand box


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A world born out of the void . . .

. . . and into an age of strife, when the demon Negarai brought forth from another dimension nine prisoners who were to become gods. A world of magic, where vortices of raw power give birth to all things arcane and divine. A world of steel, where great battles engulf the entire continent of Negaria, forever changing her face, her peoples, and marking the epochs of time. A world of balance, where no one philosophy or race holds sway.

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Other Worlds

Avlis is a role-playing environment created for use online, using the Internet. It is continuously running and available to use. This fantasy setting was created by the merger of three things:

Dungeons & Dragons role playing game;
Neverwinter Nights computer game
The Avlis campaign, a long-running pen and paper game, that over the past twenty years has developed the rich history and storyline used in this world.

If you seek high fantasy with intense roleplay, where your character and the characters around you come to feel not just like a collection of stats and pixels but true living beings, then Avlis is the place for you.

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