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'''Full Name:'''  Solveig<br>
'''Full Name: '''  Solveig<br>
'''Race:''' [[Human, Tyeduan|Human, Tyeduan]]<br>
'''Race: ''' [[Human, Tyeduan|Human, Tyeduan]]<br>
'''Gender:''' Female<br>
'''Gender: ''' Female<br>
'''Age:''' Mid-to-Late 20's<br>
'''Age: ''' Mid-to-Late 20's<br>
'''Deity:''' [[Dre'Ana]]<br>
'''Deity: ''' [[Dre'Ana]]<br>
'''Alignment:''' [[FOIG]]<br>
'''Alignment: ''' [[FOIG]]<br>
'''Class:''' [[Sorcerer]]/[[Fighter]]<br>
'''Class: ''' [[Sorcerer]]/[[Fighter]]<br>
'''Birthplace:''' [[Tyedu]]<br>
'''Birthplace: ''' [[Tyedu]]<br>
'''Residence:''' [[Elysia]]<br>
'''Residence: ''' [[Elysia]]<br>
'''Affiliations:''' <br>
'''Affiliations: ''' <br>
* Magus, [[Guild:WhiteOrder|White Order of the Light]]
* Magus, [[Guild:WhiteOrder|White Order of the Light]]
* Initiate, [[Guild:Maidens|Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana]]
* Initiate, [[Guild:Maidens|Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana]]
'''Player:''' [[User:Xaila|Xaila]] [http://www.avlis.org/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&u=12811 PM]
'''Player: ''' [[User:Xaila|Xaila]] [http://www.avlis.org/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&u=12811 PM]

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Full Name: Solveig
Race: Human, Tyeduan
Gender: Female
Age: Mid-to-Late 20's
Deity: Dre'Ana
Alignment: FOIG
Class: Sorcerer/Fighter
Birthplace: Tyedu
Residence: Elysia
Player: XailaPM

Physical and Personality Attributes

Age: Around 26 years old

Height: 6'/~183cm

Build: Broad in the hip and shoulder - most of her body mass is in her torso. She's a little longer in limb than the typical Tyeduan barbarian stock and can even manage to be graceful at times.

Hair: Platinum blonde that almost looks silvery in certain lighting. It's fairly thick and kept trimmed to around shoulder blade length. She rarely wears it up. Her eyebrows are extremely pale.

Eyes: A very pale, almost clouded green. Many people note that it's just very slightly unusual looking for a human. Possibly a minor trait inherited from spirit hybrids breeding with humans long ago, or something else in her bloodline...

Skintone: Generally more pale than humans native to the south. Her time spent away from the north has caused it to darken a little bit, but not much. She blushes very easily.

General Appearance: At first glance, a somewhat imposing figure who has obviously grown up without many comforts. She's taller than most human women and her facial expression is often closed-off and hard to read. She's not typically very expressive, until one learns to keep an eye on the corners of her mouth and her eyebrows. A few years of rigorous and disciplined training in the Kurathene Empire have made her a little stilted and formal sometimes, especially in posture (and particularly with authority). Most of the time she favors light and simple clothing when she's not found in her White Order robes or Maiden outfits.

Demeanor: Is usually very polite and perhaps a little distant at first. She tries to talk to everyone with respect and rarely lets herself get flustered. It's far from impossible to do this, though. It's rare to see her express open dislike or hostility to people unless they do something to seriously anger her. Warmth and affection, on the other hand, are things she's been trying to learn to be more open with. It can take a long time to get her guard down, but she's fiercely loyal. She's particularly fond of song and story, and maybe even a good drink. Self discipline is something she values highly and does not let herself become intoxicated, however.

Fighting Style: She generally describes herself as a 'spellsword', combining deadly elemental evocations with the biting sting of the blade. She favors light weapons such as rapiers, often imbuing them with fire. She does not specialize in any one weapon and can use most anything in a pinch, however. Her arcane specialties are in the schools of evocation and conjuration. Recently she's begun to study the path of a pyromancer.