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Coco (backstory)

Found in the forest by a mage he took her in as a pet/servent in the form he enjoyed of a female elf. Never seeing a use in teaching her anything above following his commands. Often using her to test his magic, he instilled in her a deep fear and hate of magic. Her only solace was the peace she found at night snuggling with the other pets (wolves) in the cages. After years of abuse she got the courage one day after he tested a harm spell on her. As she ran she felt the fireballs lick her skin, even long after she lost the mage she still ran until her battered form could no longer continue.

Found later by a monk, she found herself mesmerized by his glowing eyes. As he bandaged her wounds, she listened to him speaking words she couldn't understand. He taught her to defend herself a little, but soon he had to move on. Alone again in the forest with the little knowledge she had she took the form of a wolf and lived as such until he day she happened across the city of Elysia.

Garm (IG history)

Unsure of contact with others she stayed near the forest of Elysia. Slowly finding she wanted to interact more and more with others she one day slipped out at Elf Gate as a small group of people tossed her food slowly started petting her gently. The contact was something still knew to her but she soon learned she enjoyed people fawning all over her. One of the ones that treated her best soon started calling her "Garm" and places a gold belt around her neck as a collar. He often took her with him on trips to Mikona, where one day he just vanished. In M'Chek alone she learned to upgrade her wolf form to a worg, thou soon learned she got far less snuggles that way.


Returning to Elysia alone She came across a small fluffy animal, and as she watched it she noticed the attention it got more then even her loved wolf form, she too was overtaken by the power of its cuteness. Watching it closely she soon learned its form and turned herself feline. Finding the new form comfortable she continued to live mostly as a cat, though as time passed she became more and more curious about people and found she desired to interact as one of them. Though her mind still as a child's in many ways she was to say nicely as dumb as a brick. (int/wis 8) She fell in love with the "smaller" races learning brownie and halfling from new friends. Though still obsessed with felines she had a fake tail made and added to all her cloths that she treated as real. Having never been told what a "changeling" is Coco would often change form openly without care.


Life went on pretty much like that awhile, Adjusting as best she could to life as a person she became close friends with several people she met in her trips between Elysia and Mikona. Although sometimes her lack of intelligence would cause some problems, Coco could not fully understand many things but she could feel her friends frustrations around her sometimes. Then one day a friend decided to test a theory on her, Coco still hated and feared magic but had learned to trust her friend. So when one began casting on her she winced but didn't run. Suddenly it was as if a flood gate of information washed over her, her mind was finally able to grasp concepts such as math and the common language. For hours she was amazed at the world around her and all she could learn she tried to absorb like a sponge. However, it did not last and she could feel herself slipping as the spell began to fade. Then she was back to "normal" though now she felt like she was missing something. Her friends tried to teach her in a way she could remember a way to simulate the effect with cordials of wit, so for weeks after coco walked around singing "When coco need think, coco need drink purple drink!". Soon friends were keeping a small supply of them to hand to her just to get her to stop singing. The effect on her personality was noticeable as well, as her former self "Coco" was a bundle of energy with no shame or understanding, her new self aided by the intelligence was afar more shy and embarrassed by her actions as coco, soon her friends began calling the smart version "Coran" a shortened version of her full name of Coranthia, that she now went by. A more stable solution was found when she was given a gift of a ring of clear thought +2, As long as she wore it Coran was the predominate personality, though occasionally causing her headaches so bad she would have to remove the ring to let coco out to play.


Having always existed as a female form Coran was in no way even remotely interested in trying a male form. Coco on the other hand was just insane enough that one day while at Elf Gate she saw an experienced shifter turn into a male tiger rakshasa. To Coco all that mattered was KITTY PERSON! and she literally pounced over to learn the form forgetting every other humanoid form she memorized. Though reports of a large male rakshasa walking about giggling like a schoolgirl was amusing, a few found it a bit odd and asked Coco to put on her smart ring. When Coran came too once more her or.. his embarrassment couldn't be measured and only adding to it was the fact that suddenly he could not revert to an elf or human form. Some where in her subconscious something (Coco) would not let go of the rare feline forms it knew, and thus stuck in the form Coran was needles to say growing more confused as she began feeling things a bit weird and looking at her female friends a bit differently. Though at first people didn't realize it was the same being that was Coco/Coran, She called her self "Cory" to hide until she could revert once more. Over time she confided her dilemma to her closest friends and thus a weird sort of quest started. The journey to get the male rakshasa Cory.... a female... (though confused since he already had so many cute ones around him), it took several "interesting" months before Coco/Coran/Cory were ready to give up. That was when he found himself sitting at Elf Gate with the shifter (in rakshasa form) and friends speaking of all the places traveled without luck, when a female rakshasa walked up behind them all. After a few moments of talking, the female remarked to Cory that he looked like her brother (not something ANY male wants to hear from a cute girl. even furry ones) well inside his head something screamed out and he smirked. "Would you rather have a sister..." and with that Coran was again free. Though Cory still lingers in the background, usually returning when alone with a cute female or two, though cocky he was to nervous too actually ask them out though, despite a few of them commenting on his cute cuddly furry exterior.


Adjusting to the intelligence ring (In addition to an incident involving her falling head first from the Le'Or lift). Coranthia started showing personality traits of several of her sides at once. Now going almost constantly by the nick name Coran, she has Coco's playful nature and flirtatious nature of Cory, tempered by Coranthia's growing wisdom. Though during the transition she lost her path as a monk for a while, She's found new meaning and worked hard to regain her status. Also learning of the teachings of Dra'Nar and witnessing several miracles first hand she devoted herself to his faith, Though many may believe she may have joined because of her unofficial "boyfriend", Gaklah the Stone, it is not the case. Having spent most of her formative years as an animal She still has a few unique issues that people shrug off as just being part of what makes her who she is. She is still most comfortable as an animal however finding it hard to communicate and interact with people she favors a form that can accomplish both, often seen as a female tiger or wolf rakshasa, though learned to do so in the company of close friends only so as to not startle newcomers. Open with who and what she is, and often tells and shows new people she meets what she is. She believes it far less chaotic to live openly then to hide from the world like others of her race. For the most part she has been accepted for being a changeling and has many close friends, though there will always be some that distrust her just on the basis of race.

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