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These historic events in M'Chek took place from 2106 to 2136 A.O.D.

Frost Giants and the Cold Snap

  • Jul 2111 (20 Apr) Intense cold strikes Mikona. Snows begin to fall and not abate. No one is certain yet of the cause.
  • Jun 2114 (23 May) The cold is ended by an outside group. Blame is placed at the feet of the Mikonans who, " made and broke promises, pranced around arguing," rather than solving the problem.
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  • Apr 2115 (01 Jun) The frozen dead (numbering 2000) are placed in the ice caves for storage while the city finds room to bury them. Necromancers begin using this as a supply of corpses.

Post-Frost Ice Cave Events

  • Oct 2128 (31 Oct 2004) High Reaver Kellid D'Prey begins motions to come to a formal treaty with Tollgaroth. The Fire Giants press for a treaty after attacks by the Shadow of the Void threaten both them and the City of Mikona. In later attacks, the Shadow reveals it is seeking a powerful item left by Sorvanok in the Mikona Underdark.