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Known Background: Hallimancus is a powerful lich, who was first seen recently at the Ferrell Trade Fair. He arrived, at first making no attempt to hide his nature, and joined in the auctioning which was occuring at the time there. He bought a number of items, and sold three of his own.

To Crunk Steelcaster, he sold an artifact known as a "Magic Electrifier", which can drain magical items of charge in order to recharge others.

To Elong Singalong, he sold a legendary Deck of Hazard. Although he bid Elong to use the deck then and there, she did not, and left the auction with it soon after. Hallimancus hinted that he had another deck in his possession.

Hallimancus also sold one other item, a Rod of Wonder, to a woman at the auction.

Events: There was one other undead present at that Ferrell Trade Fair, a goodly baelnorn whose name was not widely known. He and Hallimancus seemed to share feelings of hostility towards each-other.

Susallia Songbird (Lightheart), Mother of the Order of O'Ma, attacked and killed the baelnorn.

Hallimancus the Lich thanked her for her help, and left soon after. A number of would-be heroes persued Hallimancus after he left the Bazzar, and engaged him in battle, but he rebuffed all attack and departed. Before he left, he presented Mereppi Tinkerspell with a Deck of Hazard.

Followup: Rumors were soon spread around the lands about how Hallimancus had raided and looted an ancient elven repository of magic, which had long been guarded by a goodly baelnorn. Many powerful artifacts were stolen.

Hallimancus and the Mage Academy: The next sighting of Hallimancus was in the Ferrell branch of the Academy of Mortal Magic. Here, Kieron called him out to confront him about the stolen artifacts. Hallimancus and several of his necromantic minions attacked. Micah and the The Solar Brigade arrived to the scene late, and slew several of the necromancers, but with no sign of Hallimancus or Kieron to be found...