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Full Name: Kathea Nyht Affiliations and Titles:

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History and Traits
Born in northwest T'Nanshi, Kathea's father was a ranger who served in Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi. She along with her brother were orphaned in mid adolescence from a raid consisting of ogre kin when they were moving closer to central T'Nanshi. The Nyht children were rescued by one of their father's friends, where they were raised in his house. Kathea's brother followed in their father and adoptive father's footsteps as a ranger of the woods. Never one to conform to the ideals that resulted in the death of her parents. Kathea only learned what she needed to survive on her own, skilled early with the use of bows and how to slip in and out of areas unseen. It was not long before she set out on her own even leaving her brother in the care of their adoptive father.