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Kyle Taius

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Kyle Taius is a gentleman born to a wealthy merchant family in Mikona. Originally intended to be the successor of his family's fortune, he has been estranged from the majority of his family, although he keeps close contact with his younger sister. Born and raised in M'Chek, he splits his time between the south and the area around Elysia and Zvidureth.

Pre-Adventuring life

Kyle grew up in the comfort of a well-off merchant family, and was consequently afforded every reasonable luxury. As the oldest son, he was expected to carry on his family's tradition and become a tailor like his father. Unfortunately, he cared little for it during his youth, which grated on his father's nerves and left him with mediocre skills in the area.

However, he was still expected to carry on the family legacy. Even if he himself were not a tailor, he would still be expected to manage the family, the household, and it's business so he was presented with a gentleman's education and upbringing. He learned the proper etiquette, how to calculate sums and finance, how to appreciate fine music and art, and how to properly duel like a gentleman with a rapier.

However, unbeknown to his family, he was also treated to a ruffian's education as well. Chaffing under his father's expectations and disapproval, he would often sneak off into the slums district. He made several friends with boys his age there, many of which were growing up thieves and ruffians. At first, they mocked and ridiculed him, and he often had to hide serious bruising and other injuries when he would find a little too much trouble to handle. However, the boys found him interesting and a few of them started teaching him how they survived on the streets. Kyle was a quick and able learner and quickly grasped how to skulk around at night, to pick a lock, and other questionably legal activities. He quickly gained respect among the boys and over the years they began to trust him and become friends.

However, his father caught him sneaking out several times, straining their relationship even further and eventually, their relationship was driven to the brink of the breaking point. Kyle, despite his protests about tailoring and his rebelliousness, did care about his family and seeing that it was taken care of in the future and was desperate to find some way to regain his father's approval. Unfortunately, this chance never came.

It was at a party hosted by the family, Kyle's sister Julia was still rather young and had very little control over her growing powers and ended up accidently manifesting her powers in front of some small time merchants who had a bit too much to drink. Being superstitious types they immediately began calling her names and verbally and physically harassing her. Kyle, who had had a bit to drink himself and who was quite protective of his sister stepped up and quarreled with a particularly nasty merchant named Zilous Cant. They traded insults heatedly, eventually drawing attention from Kyle's family and the rest of the party goers. It reached a peak and in the heat of anger both men drew their weapons and attacked each other. The two men fought evenly matched for some time, wreaking havoc in their wake. Kyle eventually prevailed and was about to deliver a finishing blow when Julia stopped him.

Unfortunately, the damage was done. His father, purple faced in anger cast him out of the house on the spot, and while he did not disown him, made it clear that he was no longer going to inherit the fortune and after being yelled at for some time, Kyle brushed himself off, left the house and hasn't spoken to his family since.


The Taius family comes from a long lineage of tailors with the oldest child typically inheriting the fortune and heading the family. Due to the family's relative wealth and comfort, the family household is somewhat large.

Noteable Family Members

Acton Taius - Father

Acton is a serious, yet charismatic man and the current head of the Taius household. He considers himself a man of honor (and is for the most part) and works hard to avoid tarnishing the family name. He is very reserved in showing it, but he loves his family very much, even Kyle whom he disapproves strongly of.

Ida Taius - Mother

A kind, soft hearted woman. She misses Kyle, but sides with her husband about her son's disgrace.

Drake Taius - Brother

Kyle's younger brother, he is now slated to take control of the family. A very talented tailor responsible for much of the family's recent success, and he knows it. He is arrogant and not afraid of dubious methods to advance himself. Drake does not get along with Kyle at all, and if he had the chance to smear Kyle's name even further, he would.

Edlyn Taius - Sister

A pretty young woman who although somewhat vain, is essentially good hearted. Her hope, and the family's hope is to be married off to a well-off family, perhaps even a minor noble.

Julia Taius - Sister

A 16 year old young woman, she is strikingly beautiful in body, mind, and soul. She is kind to others and strives for the greater good, Kyle calls her idealistic and overly trusting, but respects the dedication for the general good of all that she has. Julia is the only one in his family that Kyle keeps in contact with, something that she does not divulge to the rest of the Taius family. She is the one person in the family that unconditionally loves Kyle and would welcome him back with open arms.

She has been gifted with the spark of magic in her, and is learning to control her power as a sorceress. Which, although the rest of the family is proud of, it still seems to make them uneasy leaving her feeling somewhat estranged despite the family's best attempts at hiding it. Drake of course sneers at his "witch" of a sister, perhaps because he fears that she will make a name for herself one day as a talented mage and will overshadow his reputation.


Kyle's early ventures away from home are not well recorded. He ran briefly with his friends in the slums of Mikona for awhile, but quickly decided that he would get himself arrested or killed quickly if he stayed. After this, It is believed that he pursued a brief relationship with a half-nymph champion, and made plans for a business venture similar to the Canvas in operation. Neither the relationship or the business survived the test of time. The business never got off the ground, and the relationship ended as the champion devoted herself further to her cause.

He spent much of this early period traveling the expanse of Avlis. In particular, he traveled around the civilized areas of Southern Negaria, never settling in one place for long. He made and kept few friends during this time and trusted on his combination of gentlemanly charm and street smarts to keep him out of trouble (for which he succeeded for the most part).


After drifting for some time, Kyle ended up in the town of Zvidureth, where he met several important people. Most important of these were Fletcher Millstone, Fletcher's then-girlfriend Pan, the Blue Order Mage Thienna, the woodself Aeveras and the warrior Rode. In these people, Kyle found kinship and eventual friendship for the first time in years, so despite his continual insistence that he was traveling, he found himself spending more and more time in the town and nearby city of Elysia.

Eventually, he gave up the excuse and began telling people that he lived in the area of Zvidureth.