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Shahilax "Sam" Sesamauhtis
Race: Shaahesk
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Drotid
Current Location: New Drotid
Notes: Annihilator of Aarilax

Shaahilax Sesamauhtis went south from Drotid near the end of the last war. He tried to join the M'Chek army to help fight the elves on the southern front, but before he could really get involved, the war ended. He became a member of Rhissaerk's warband, spent much time learning to use the weapon of Aarilax's holy warriors, and accomplished a mission in which he helped a boyar and in return was granted the right to become an Annihilator. He now acts as a Freeroamer in the Drotid war, primarily combating M'Chek, but lending his aid wherever he can be useful.

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