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Tamia Amakiir ((credit Nob))

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Tamia Amakiir is a priestess of Yeraiah, believing herself to be one of the few devote followers of the goddess south of Jechran. She is a Major in the M'Chekian Guards, a Trenium noble by marriage, and helped in the construction of the Mikonan temple to Yeraiah. Tamia is a member of the Copper Dragon Clan of Amakiirs by her mother's (and elven) side.

Family and Early Life

The following information, while not well known, could be found fairly easily to anybody who put effort into researching it

Tamia's mother, Nawein Amakiir came from an elven forest on the borders of Dubunat and Brekon, and fled to Mikona after the rest of the clan was murdered by orcs. While in Mikona, Nawein met Tamia's father Thell Willomein, while they distrusted eachother at first, they eventually became good friends, then lovers, then husband and wife. Thell chose to take the Amakiir last name for his own reasons and at Nawein's request.

Shortly after the marriage of the two, Nawien became pregnant; the couple was overjoyed, but apprehensive about raising a child with a different lifespan then her parents. They were concerned with how well a half-elven child would be accepted in society, particularly in Mikona while the war was going on. This fear and apprehension led the pair to look for guidance, and they found it by praying to the goddess Yeraiah. Tamia was born a healthy, beautiful baby girl soon after without incident.

Tamia's younger years were peaceful and uneventful. While there were some degrees of racism, Tamia managed to stay strong. Growing up in a middle class family gave her access to an education, and she would explore the town to fulfill her childish curiosity (much to her father's frustration).

Unfortunately, things didn't stay peaceful forever, and her life was irrevocably changed at the age of thirteen. Tamia's mother was killed in the middle of a sereg attack in front of her eyes while walking through the city gate. Her mother's death left her in a severe depression, and left her with a hatred for Sereg that persists to this day. One night soon after, she suddenly dissappeared from home, hoping to join her mother, but fate or perhaps Yeraiah, intervened; Tamia met a young human sailor by the docks named Will. It's not sure how, why, or what happened (as Tamia isn't forthcoming) but she returned home with a renewed sense of hope and acceptance, and began studying what little she could about Yeraiah.

Teenage Years

Always being something of a tomboy in her childhood, she began to be teased about it in her teenage years by a group of boys. They constantly would make fun of her when she took up hobbies such as swordplay, (again, much to her father's chagrin) and played games like 'guards and thieves'; the elven heritage didn't help much either. While she always balked at the insults and teasing, silently she vowed to become as strong as she could to prove herself. Tamia's outward studies of Yeraiah also soon exhausted themselves, due to the small amount of knowledge available, and she turned inward with prayer and meditation instead. Partly because of these factors, Tamia began physically training daily and dilligantly around the age of fifteen and her academic progress suffered for it. Consequently, Tamia was an average student at best. At the age of seventeen she swore herself to follow Yeraiah, and began studying with priests of Mikon to become a priestess. At twenty-one, she decided she was ready for the world and declared independence from her father, renting out a small room at the City Gate Inn.

Early Adventuring

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