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The Beginning

The Kahn Family is little known but massive. Norliozalio Kahn an elven wizard who soon married Cyn Kahn a human female ranger. They lived a happy life full of adventures none famous but making big impacts on the areas nonetheless. They soon retired to the forest of T'Nanshi to live out their lives in peace. Little did they know what would appear at their doorstep the next day would set off a chain of events that will affect numerous orphans. A baby appeared at their doorstep and yet they didn't know what it was. At first it appeared to be an elven infant but it changed right before their eyes into a human infant the minute Cyn picked him up. They named the child Ae'un and gave him their last name. The two decided to raise him as one of their own. The three lived happily for the next five years until it happened again. A knock on the door and babies at the doorstep. This time two were in baskets a drangonari infant and what appeared to be a human infant. They soon found out the human infant was really a Adomkuro child. But race matter little to the couple who took the two into their family as easily as they took Ae'un. They named the Drangonari Kakos-Asteri and the Adomkuro they named Vegan. And the 5 lived in peaceful tranquility. Ae'un was a very strange and sneaky child. Always taking things that didn't belong to him and fooling his brothers out of their coin earned from doing their chores. Kakos and Vegan were always fighting amongst each other but no matter how the three quarreled no one else could harm their brothers or their family. It stayed this way every time a another child showed up at the doorstep every few years. Who kept leaving these children puzzled the parents greatly but they never turned one down. The first three brothers helped their adopted mother and father raise the rest and that part of the T'Nanshi forest had never been so full of life.

Soon however tragedy would strike as a raging fire sparked by nearby druids of Verossa claimed the home of Norliozalio and Cyn and also their lives. Ae'un, Kakos, and Vegan saved all their brothers and sisters and Kakos and Vegan were horribly scarred in doing so and from the fight that took place afterwards in the hunt for the druids. Vegan's lower jaw was removed of all skin from one of the druids who took the shape of a bear. He also lost sight in one of his eyes and half an ear was bitten off. Kakos suffered in a similar way he had attained burns on his neck and side from the fire and the skin off his forearms was cruelly ripped off by another druid who took panther form. His eye was removed and half of his ear was sliced off. If it weren't for Ae'un who's ability to change forms fooled the druids into thinking that the other was Ae'un shapeshifted the two wouldn't of survived. The two druids successfully tricked into thinking the other was Ae'un killed each other in a brutal battle. Fortunately for the children all were old enough to take care of themselves and it was decided by all that they would part ways and live out their lives the way their parents wanted them to. By doing whatever they wanted. Their parents would always try to instill in the children that even though there is good and evil, law and chaos that the world will always be at quarrel with itself and rather than try and conform to what the various forces in the world will pull you too that they should do what THEY feel they want to do. Norliozalio and Cyn knew that a few of the children would be considered evil, others good and box up the rest in all sorts of descriptions and classifications that served only to limit potential. But the children know that their destiny is their own and that no one controls their destiny but their own. So they set off into the world each forging their own path and vowing that if one was in trouble whoever knows of their siblings plight would try and help them.

The Children

Name: Ae'un Kahn
Race: Unknown, rumored to be a Changeling
Age: 25
Description: Unknown
Biography: Ae'un is the insane one of the Kahn family. His parents used to call him "Little Forian" because he was simply the embodiment of the god and his ways. Do whatever feels right with little thought as to why. Ae'un lives in the moment and never thinks about the consequences. To him the time to think about why other such nonsense is after death when there is nothing else left to do. Ae'un is rumored to have moved to the city of Elysia after the fire that killed his parents.
Name: Vegan Khan, a.k.a Kahn The Dark
Race: Adomkuro
Age: 20
Description: Brown-skin with black hair, mass of clumped hair. Skinless lower jaw covered with a bandanna most of the time. Scarred vision-less eye and bitten off ear. Numerous other scars and burn marks adorning his body along with tattoos and piercings that make up a complicated design.
Biography: Vegan and Kakos should of been twins, at least according to thier father. Vegan is selfish, sadistic, ill-tempered and all around jerk. He only cares for himself and his siblings, and he only cares for his siblings because there is one promise he won't break and that is to help any of the others should they be in trouble until death. All other promises can be and usually are broken. Vegan likes to think of himself a warrior and will stop at nothing to be the best. After a visit to the Underdark to trace his blood parents Vegan doesn't find his blood mother and father but he does find loyalty in the dark demon-lords below namely Kimoniticus. So much so that he is locked up in Mikona jail at the moment awaiting trial for murdering numerous citizens of M'Chek. As far as he is concern he was actually helping those he killed saving them from the torture that is to come when the Underdark rises from underground and swarms over Mikona and the M'Chek lands like locusts. Of course none of this has come true nor will it but Vegan enthralled by the demon lord cannot be convinced otherwise.
Name: Kakos-Asteri Kahn
Race: Drangonari
Age: 121
Description: Dark green-bluish skin scaled like others of his race. Jet black hair and lizard like eyes. Forearms skinless and burn marks and scars on his neck and side. Half an ear due to a blade and a completely removed eye. Doesn't wear anything to cover it and is usually seen cleaning out the socket every so often. Massive muscle size by elven standards but short in height. Truly one of a kind.
Biography: One of the few children that was found as in infant. Kakos was on his way to Grantir to trace his roots when he heard of Vegan's run in with the law. He started making his way back to Mikona before running into a band of mercenaries who were talking about lands far north called Kurathene. After talking with the group and finding out the challenges and coin that await him he made it a point to help his brother in anyway he could and then to find passage to a city called Kuras. After arriving in Mikona and talking with his brother in jail Vegan made it known that the only way Kakos could help him is by fulfilling their parents wishes and going off to forge his destiny. Reluctant to leave his brother in jail Kakos agreed and made his way to Elysia. He has ran into Ae'un a few times and has charged Ae'un with keeping an eye on Vegan while he is away. Ae'un agreed of course and the two went their separate ways each trying to improve their skills and their coin their own way in Elysia. Kakos is also seeking to be a great warrior meeting any challenge with a determination that few can match. Unlike Vegan however Kakos is willing to work with others as long as his goals are reached as well. Despite his appearance Kakos is polite, well-spoken and carries himself with the air of a noble but the look of a thug. Many are surprised when first meeting Kakos because his personality doesn't seem to fit his appearance at all. Until they go into battle against or with him however. There is a calm rage about Kakos when he fights a silent fury that is put into every swing and every shot of his crossbow.

More on the children as they make themselves known....