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  • ...or years at a time, building up a life with it complete with friends and a trade to make a living. ...aps 2 centuries at most. Upon reaching adulthood, they will either adopt a trade and eek out an existance among the other races, or they will strike out on
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  • The Avlissian is Avlis's player newsletter. [ Yo ...54c1a56534a9c8590&id=ac002ca73c Newsletter #10]: Avlis 2018 - Spring trade fair; interview with Thaylis and Melinda
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  • ...ertical-align: top; text-align: center; font-size: 95%;" | <u>Motto:</u> ''Trade shall Happen'' and its central location in the Empire giving it a natural advantage in trade. Business prospered, the fiefdom grew and was ruled by the da Medican famil
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  • The '''South Avlis Trade Federation''' (SATF) is a collection of traders, merchants, and other busin Today, they are best known for hosting the semi-annual '''Ferrell Trade Fair''', where many of the SATF merchants (and unaffiliated merchants as well) w
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  • wolfwielder] or [ AmusedApathy] This heroic band of dwarves and gnomes works to secure the roads and trade routes of Deglos, guiding and defending travelers, makers, and traders. Wor
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  • all three sons. So young Janur followed a travelling bard to learn his trade. ...tutor journeyed with him through the outskirts of Mikona, teaching him the trade of a bard. From his master, Janur learned all the basics a travelling bard
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  • '''Positions Held:''' Master Sage [[Guild:ATU|Avlis Tower University]]<br> ...ontinues to improve his abilities as a performer as well as venture across Avlis. His love of lore and song causes him to write many songs about those he tr
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  • *[[Guild:ATU|Avlis Tower University]] Green Sage of the Forest *[[Guild:ATU|Avlis Tower University]]
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  • ...omfort and privilege as the second born male of house Karrpokella, a noble trade house in the Seven Cities. ...ealings and travels earned him numerous friends and acquaintances all over Avlis. From [[Deglos]] to Mikona, from [[T'Nanshi]] to [[Ferrell]], people knew h
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  • Situated on the border of Galdos Fief Valorian is a major house of trade with the dwarves, while the dwarves have had many icy relations with the pe ...ghting order and eventually became a full Paladin. He ruled the house with fair and just practices where virtue, diligeance, and righteous battle where his
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  • ...t the most forgiving of lands, but offered brave souls that call it home a fair amount of security and resources not available to other parts of the empire ...tont|Shaniqua Stont]], a trade representative from the southern reaches of Avlis. These two have been seen together frequently ever since.
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  • the nation of [[Galdos]]. This is the most well-known type of dwarf on Avlis, for they may be encountered almost anywhere either below or above ground. ...and unrefined things for the most part. Among all the types of dwarves on Avlis, the dubgaldokin are the most likely to travel or even live above ground. W
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  • ...unique insights to shape what they see as the larger history and future of Avlis, which is invisible to races that do not share their near immortality. Dru'Elian elf skin can range from dark tan complexions to fair, sometimes having a bluish tint to it. Their facial features are very chise
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  • ...px|Some of the Violet mages making an appearance at the 2010 Ferrell Trade Fair]] ...e Violet Order of the Skull, their influence has spread greatly throughout Avlis, reaching from the southern tip of [[M'Chek]] up to [[Malekia]]. At this ti
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  • '''Kharak Zvidurat''', or "Dwarf Trade", is a ground-level settlement in northern [[T'Nanshi]]. Its place on a maj ...ree trade, to encourage crafting, to support young crafters, to maintain a fair price for crafted goods, to support its members in learning and gaining ski
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  • ...], and will potentially help him design others to be built around southern Avlis. She has also done minor design work for others, including [[PCs:Gurky_Bogg ...llowing has all occured in game, starting with the June 2006 Ferrell Trade Fair.)''
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  • ...ieval sense of the word - an entity regulating commerce, specifically, the trade of men-at-arms or mercenaries. The Freelancer's Guild endeavours to provide ...Due to the nature of the guild, it's a safe bet to say you'll encounter a fair amount of Character vs. Character combat.
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  • <center>'''Avlis Countries:''' {{AvlisCountries}}</center><br> <center>'''Avlis Cities:''' {{AvlisCities}}</center><br>
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  • ...and vendors that can be found in the various cities, towns and villages of Avlis. These are natural draws to travelers visiting from other places. Note: [[T ([ CHECK FOR VACANCIES])
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  • ...r Shard. He had a Lover and a family, and was one of the most happy men on Avlis. Their story began at a Ferrell Trade Fair. He already knew Elong prior to this time, but was only seeing her as an ev
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