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'It's me Gutemensch' is Qute himself aka gutemensch; Soul Cousin.


Cast of Characters

Active Characters Inactive Characters
Adrienne Scarletwound Araera lia'Lyath
Alix Thronheart Caluril Jr'ende'tnen
Beatrix Celduil Selisen
Cherry of the Mistbreeze Sisters Dara Imythedriana
Dela the Seakissed Firry Teadows
Fi aka Roshi Galia Jr'eiwallen
Lorelei Vonner Glebrilmalebrith Redwethesh
Lotte Shadeflower Hedia Gweth
Maim'aviviya Sher'shelega Heliana Tal'Reathe
Nawen Beign (Amakiir) Hugor Yuwmawr
Suldove Ravdove Humzup
Toova Ju'Eir IndyDair LlaleeWortSheel
Trindie Irrayne'thare
Zasa Vossen Lomyriwyn Daneren
Mebriel Ilphukir
Marley Pein
Nawiewiel Di'mashedralie
Nela Fennen
Perum Jeld
Poppy Ashgage
Shanah Dy'nei
Shara Ilphukiir
Tahvia tas'Fiim
Zacho Allendry

Avlis Team

SR Assist DM (Started 12/2016 - Retired with Honors as of 1/18/2020)

Mishlekh Empty Mish Reset Kitteh

Old Bob Traaf of Pelar Misch of Mishlekh
Tiffanova Liri and Saira Winterflash The Hags
Gertrud of Mishlekh Mysterious Lady Betella Loveryk
The Poppets

Character Mentions

Nawen Beign (Amakiir)


  • Winner:
    • 2016 October
    • 2016 June (w/Thaylis)
  • Second Place
    • 2017 January
    • 2017 Feburary


  • 2016 2nd (3-way tie)

Irreverence Awards

  • 2008 Honourable Mention: Most in Need of a Sex Change
  • 2010 Tied for Win: Most in Need of a Sex Change
  • 2016 Winner: The Micah Ormane Prize for Narcissism
  • 2018 Winner: The Janur da Medican Prize for Most Gratuitous RP Martyrdom
  • 2018 Winner: Shoes we’d Least Like to Fill
  • 2018 Winner: The Plethora Prize
  • 2018 Winner: Chaotic Awesome Award
  • 2018 Winner: Permadeath Prize
  • 2018 Winner: The Micah Ormane Prize for Narcissism
  • 2018 Honorable Mention: Elf in a Bathrobe
  • 2018 Honorable Mention: The Vintrinia Carnen Trophy for Sickest Burns

Avlis Awesome Awards

  • 2018 Honourable Mention: Best Sidekick (FRAwen)
  • 2018 Honourable Mention: Best Meatshield
  • 2018 Honourable Mention: Best IC Journal
  • 2018 Honourable Mention: Best Sharer
  • 2018 Favorite Performer: Bardic Academy (as a member)
  • 2019 Honourable Mention: Bed/Wed/Behead
  • 2019 Honourable Mention: Best Sharer
  • 2019 Honourable Mention: Best IC Journal

Irreverence Awards

  • 2018 Runner up: The Skywalker Award

Avlis Awesome Awards

  • 2019 Honourable Mention: Most Useful in Party
Cherry Mistbreeze

Avlis Awesome Awards

  • 2019 Winner: Favorite Performer (w/Berry)
  • 2019 Honourable Mention: Dream Date (w/Berry)

Independent Contractor/Team Member

Areas Built

Player Housing\Guild Housing
  • Dove's Sanctuary (Elysia)
  • Paradise (Elysia)
  • Thayt'Kehol Le'Yoofeh (Elysia)
  • Healers of Cha'Reth Outpost (Ferrell) (discarded)
  • Ace's Treehouse (Wilderness)
  • Sonja's Hoard (Wilderness)
  • A Certain Dragon's Lair (Wilderness) (submitted)
  • Drakehall (PUB)lishing House (Elysia)
  • Mistbreeze Magical Manor (Wilds)
Public Areas
  • Atsplatrauknraadischmeksalen (Deglos)
  • Shrine to Dre'Ana (M'Chek/Blandenberg) (discarded)
  • Loash Leheven Gardens (Wilderness)
  • Secret Area: Ice River

Areas Remodels

Player Housing\Guild Housing
  • Maiden Keep (Elysia)
  • Sharla's Workshop (Elysia)
  • Drakehall Keep - Art Selection\Throphies (M'Chek)
  • Friends of the Forest (Wilderness)
  • Paradise (Elysia)
  • Sonja's Hoard (Wilderness)
Public Areas
  • Blowing Gale Taproom (Elysia) (PreFab Housing - submitted)
  • The Drunken Sailor Ale House (Elysia) (PreFab Storage - submitted)
  • Frilly Collar Public House (Elysia) (PreFab Housing - submitted)
  • Shinning Light Tavern (Elysia) (PreFab Housing - submitted)
  • Copper Cup (M'Chek) (Doorway/Wall Fix - submitted)
  • The City Gate Inn (Mikona) (Seating Fix)
  • Fairy Gardens (Wilderness) (CCC)
  • Northwestern T'Nanshi (Wilderness)
  • Suneal Thorpe (Wilderness)
  • Coventry Fair (Basement)
  • Coventry Fair (Ground Floor/Decor for ongoing Trade Fair Themes)
  • Sherrills Import and Export (Ferrell - A Pleth/Qute Project)

Portrait Changeover (Current)

While no longer on the Team. Qute still maintains his Portrait Changeover Process.

  1. Contact Assist DMs and CC gutemensch in the message (this tells Qute there is work to do)
  2. Qute will reply in a timely manner with instructions on how to get him the portraits
  3. Finished portraits are packaged in 'character'.zip format and 'character'_.Tga format
  4. Finished packages are uploaded to the google drive
  5. Once uploaded, Qute will send a message with instructions to Assist and the player
  6. Everyone is happy!