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Name: Zeal
Race: Half-Nymph
Profession: Druid of O'Ma
Positions Held:


Zeal is the son of an Elf father and Nymph mother. He grew up with his mother in a small grove not far from Elysia. He has a way with animals and enjoys training feline.

Zeal left the grove of his youth to serve O'Ma and the greater good by ministering to the needs of the forest and fauna around him. Harnessing the power of his Fylgia he was able to befriend and bond with a kirre he has named Shayla. Together they travel the woods of T'Nanshi and around Elysia seeking other nature respecting druids and rangers. He has recently met and been mentored by a seasoned Druid of Skern called Tup. They have a similar background and he enjoys the company of a fellow druid such as her. His hope is to continue learning much from her as he grows in his knowledge and stature.

Tup introduced Zeal to a much older Druid of Sken who agreed to perform a ritual allowing Zeal to learn and take more advanced wildshape forms. Zeal was required to perform several tasks to prove his worth and Tup graciously helped him. On one occasion they were accompanied by a Ranger named Moriand, and a Dwarf Cleric known as Garth on a different occasion. Working with these new found friends, Zeal was able to complete his tasks and the ritual was performed. He now has the ability to take more complex forms and he studies the wildlife to increase his abilities as what some call a Shifter.

Zeal continued to travel the lands seeking to serve O'Ma and was eventually accepted to walk the halls of the Order of O'Ma.