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Joined Avlis: mid-June, 2004

DMing As: Wilsash, since August 2008

Playing As:

Turn-ons: Necromancy, Pale Mastery, Immunity to Critical Hits & Sneaks, the Underdark

Turn-offs: Dispel magic, spammed Knockdown, spammed HiPS, spam, Bigby spells, True Seeing, spam

From RPotY Voting, 2007: "Let's face it: Sinomi still scares the shit out of people."

From RPotM Voting: August, 2007: "Sinomi continues to mesmerize me with his complex personality, history, and outlook on (un)life. He is truly a pleasure to interact with."

Irreverance Awards, 2005: Scariest PC, Honorable mention: Sinomi Sii

Location and Timezone: Wisconsin, USA GMT-5 (Central time)

Common Play Time: Weekdays 22:00-03:00 GMT, Weekends vary between 15:00-04:00 GMT

Contact: Avlis Profile

Abyss 404: