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This is a listing of Mikona events, organized by plotlines, with a rough chronological order of the plot's start date.

(09/??/02-08/03/03)Hugar Plotline
(12/02/02-04/18/04)Sorvanok Plotline
(12/04/02-01/14/03)Trials of Alladorn and Cuxn
(02/01/03-09/12/03)Lanessa nas T'jarra and related plotlines
(02/24/03-Present) Sereg'wethrin events
(04/10/03-11/01/05) Tollgaroth/Fire Giants Events
(01/24/03-07/20/03)Vortex of Chaos Events
(09/10/03-10/23/04)The Gentleman
(10/31/03-12/16/03)Meisha (Mistress) Events
(04/20/04-01/21/05) Mikona's Cold Snap, the Frost Giants, and Shadow of the Void