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Personal Information

Name: Selma N. Winters.
Age: Young adult.
Race: Half-Elf.
Residence: Mikona.


Upon first inspection, Selma could be taken for being a human teenager, though perhaps too exotic a human to be placed in any known subrace of Avlis. With another look, it becomes clear that she is in fact half elf, half human. Her light blue eyes are slanted and somewhat almond-shaped, her ears pointed ever so slightly.

Beneath whatever clothes she's wearing, it's rather clear that she's skinny, perhaps even gaunt, one might say legendarily scrawny. Completely upright she is a little less than 5 feet tall, and her seemingly fragile frame does little to make her appear any more imposing. She walks with purpose more than anything, almost as if she's carried more by will than muscle. While she's not decidedly ugly, she's definitely no match for half nymphs or even a common whore in looks, mostly because of her wiry frame.

Early Years

Selma was born in the slums of Mikona, to her human mother, Daniella Winters. She was never able to find out who her father was from her mother, but she did know that her mother had been a soldier, and had at one point met with a psychotic elf in battle. After this incident she had been sent home, but was unable to support herself, unwed and pregnant with the elf's child. From the very start, it was clear that Selma was not unconditionally loved. Daniella took care of her, but could never show her love. Selma never knew why until much later in life. She grew up in the slums of Mikona, desperately clamoring for her mother's attention and affection. As the years passed, with Selma nearing her teens, she was more and more taking care of not only herself, but also her mother whose health was decreasing rapidly.

Teen Years

Selma had seen many Human friends be born, grow up and often meet violent ends, or die at the hands of disease or starvation. Her difference from the others in the slums made her lonely, and the few friends she managed to make only lasted a few years before they had far outpaced her in development.

Her loneliness deepened further when her mother, Daniella, finally died from starvation. Selma had enough trouble getting food for herself, but even with giving the majority to her aging mother, she simply couldn't keep the woman alive. One morning she woke up, and found Daniella dead in her bed, her stomach swollen from hunger.

Selma took to wandering the slums, sleeping here and there. She had no desire to sleep at what used to be her home anymore, and had even fewer friends than before. She did start venturing out of the slums, travelling the city and even daring to go outside the city walls, watching the heroes of the land from afar. It was around this time that she met an old man, simply called Sharptooth. He was half mad, and had filed one of his teeth as pointy as any dagger, but he was kinder to Selma than she remembered anyone being for a long time. He did not mind spending time with her, he even took to teaching her what magic he had been taught himself.

As time went on and Selma grew, she spent increasing amounts of time with Sharptooth. She began carrying herself with a new pride, she aquired clothes, and managed to instill some amount of fear in the newest generation of kids bullying her. Finally her studies had paid off. She knew how to cast the most basic of cantrips.

Recent Years

As a young adult, Selma has set out into the world, having little except for her few spells and her clothes. She deeply desires to learn more of the magic that she feels gave her a new life, and wishes to find out more, if there is anything to be found, about her father.

Soon after having decided to leave the slums, Selma saw a poster for the M'Chekian Army, for the Blackhawk Company more specifically. She sent a letter to 2nd Lt. Silver Fox, and a few days later, Selma went outside Mikona for the first time in her life. She travelled to Finmaegan Keep, where she was interviewed and subsequently recruited for the Blackhawk Company. It was on this same day that she saw the Drotid/M'Chek warzone in eastern M'Chek for the first time. She returned to Mikona for a short time, under orders to train for battle. While training, she did make room for a trip to the north, Visimontium being her goal. On her way, she met an Ebony Mage called Vilne, whom she spoke to about the order. Soon after, she continued her journey northwards to the city of mages, where she took the lectures on the history of mortal magic, before returning to Mikona once again.

In the following days and weeks, Selma spoke to representatives of all the mage orders, trying to form an accurate picture and a good base to make her decision on. She did meet Grace Dane-Unuldur of Gold and Karna of the Ebony, both of whom she took more of a liking to than so many others. It was also during this time that she, during a weekly gathering of the Blackhawk Company, saw her first real action against the Shaahesk of Drotid when Finmaegan Keep was attacked by Wyvern-borne forces. The raid was beaten back with not too much trouble, and the company made haste to the east where the wyverns had fled to. After heavy fighting and casualties, they managed to push to the shore and, thanks to the psionic capabilities of one soldier, capture a Shaahesk slave transport that they sailed to Eastshore. After this operation, Selma was promoted from recruit to Private of the company by Lt. Silver Fox, recieving her helmet.

After a lengthy period of bed-rest due to an unfortunate incident with some bandits and not enough money to be healed, Selma was ready for the world again. Having spoken to representatives of all the nine mage orders, she had made her decision while recovering from her wounds. Soon after, she met Vilne Elor, who gave her the initiate's robe, setting her on the path to becoming a true Ebony magus.

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