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: [[PCs:Archibald_Thel | Archibald Thel]] - '''Bold Endeavors Trading Company''' (Co-owner)
: [[PCs:Brant_Risko | Brant Risko]] - '''[[Privateer Enterprises]]''' (partner), ''[[Enchanted Exotics]]'', ''FeatherFingers Trading''
: [[PCs:Brant_Risko | Brant Risko]] - '''[[Privateer Enterprises]]''' (partner), ''[[Enchanted Exotics]]'', ''FeatherFingers Trading''

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About the SATF

The South Avlis Trade Federation (SATF) is a collection of traders, merchants, and other businesses, who work together for profit and better overall business practices. They formed under the guidance of Bill Burnham, with the initial goal to discuss market values, supplies, and business prospects.

Today, they are best known for hosting the semi-annual Ferrell Trade Fair, where many of the SATF merchants (and unaffiliated merchants as well) will spend a weekend making deals, buying, selling, and auctioning.

SATF Members and Businesses

  • For Business Names: Bold => owner (co-owner/partner or guild leader/managing member) | Italic => employee


Zacharia FeatherFingers - FeatherFingers Trading


Archibald Thel - Bold Endeavors Trading Company (Co-owner)
Brant Risko - Privateer Enterprises (partner), Enchanted Exotics, FeatherFingers Trading
Davilia Chert - Roe'Que Open Trade & Study Hall (partner)
Drogridoc ShadowViper - Privateer Enterprises (partner), Enchanted Exotics
Ernst Tcharov - Rookie Supplies
Fletcher Millstone - Opportunity Knocks, Joe's Stuff
Garek Blackstone - Blackstone Outfitters, FeatherFingers Trading
Grace Dane-Unuldur - Burnham's Event Hall
Janur da Medican - The Canvas, Vorin's Treasure Trove and Rest
Kero Tevez - Kero's Bar, FeatherFingers Trading, Dal Zekos Trading
Nawen Amakiir Ael'nyon - Paradise Boutique and Emporium
Robert Wallace - Small Discoveries
Smeec - Lucky's Exchange, This-n-That, Avlis Jeweler’s Association (guild leader)

Joining the SATF

Entry Requirements: Your character must have some trade / merchant / business skill, with some proven history. How to Join: Complete an application form (send a PM to one of the members for this), and a vote will be held by the current membership.