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[[Category:MChekPCs|Eider, Gann]]
[[Category:MChekPCs|Eider, Gann]]
[[Category:Wild_Mage|Eider, Gann]]
[[Category:Wild_Mage|Eider, Gann]]
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Gann Eider
Race: Human
Classes: Wizard
Guild affiliations:
Member of the Red Order of the Flame
Most active on server: Mikona
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Little is known of Gann's past, though some might recognise the twang of street slang in his speech. He has jokingly mentioned he was once a forced into indentured service as punishment for stealing from a wizard. After learning a few rudimentary cantrips it is also said he leapt from a window for his freedom. Whether this is just bravado or not, he was mostly self taught from what he could beg, borrow or steal. A deeper interest in the arcane arts has developed as he's matured, particularly that of wild magic. He was marginally involved some action against Marko the death priest, seeing first hand the power of necromancy. He also witnessed the shadow copy of Sorvonok under Mikona. Having been inducted into the red order as an full Magus, he studied under his mentor Fabello to devlopd his talents with the true art of Andrinor or Whole casting, but most well know as Wild magery. As time has gone on, he has proved himself dedicated to his specialism, and is known for trekking vast distances and delving into long forgotten places in search of places of power. Places where magic is awry. Since becoming Senior of Zvidureth he has also achieved the rank of Great mage within the Red order, a position he has bemoaned loudly, for promotion among the Red's is often more a punishment than a reward.


Unruly and unkempt brown hair is scraped back into a pony tale, his face covered in heavy stubble. Heavy shadows line his eyes. His clothes are usually dirty and covered in odd splatters, mud, with a faint whiff of wet dog or something more earthy, though since moving into the Red tower (and the nagging of his peers perhaps) his hygiene has improved. His order robes when worn are kept in a much better state than the rest of his clothes. He carries a tall thin staff around with him, though somewhat awkwardly as if unused to it. Around his belt a few wands dangle on twine and a small brown leather spell book with dog earred pages, wrapped in oilskin. He carries a lumpy bag, filled with oddments. Underneath the layers of grime he has a ruddy complexion and a weaselly face. His eyes flick about always examining and a lopsided smile flashes and mocks all he meets.


Gann in his early years as a guttersnipe was eager to please those with full coin purses, often acting as a guide or gutter runner in Mikonia and its underways. As he has developed into a mage of the red order, his frantic impulses have been channeled into aspects of the arcane. His upbringing in the slums is obvious in his mannerisms and speech, something he is fiercely proud of. As a result of this, Gann is doggedly loyal to any who have shown him kindness in the past when he was a street kid. Gann dislikes displays of great wealth or ostentation. He usually appreciates the underdog and is somewhat resentful of authority, though he has been so far impressed with the Red Order hierarchy. Gann is full of bluster and will always try to talk his way out of a situation before resorting to physical conflict. Despite his slum background, within the confines of Visiontium or a library, he is respectful of any mage or teacher he can learn from. As the years have rolled on, Gann has become endured to the constant trials of channelling the unfiltered vortex and as a result, views many of what common folk might regard as strange as pretty mundane.


Gann is busy coming to grips with his role as Great Mage of Internal affairs within the Reds, whilst juggling his usual responsibilities as Senior of Zvidureth, not to mention his ongoing research and publications, the furthering of Whole Casting as an art, research into artifacts of the old fold and Nemeril. His ongoing fondness for Slaadi continues.

  • Gann Eider's leather bound journal : Spell notes, musings, scribbles and reminders (This is off-site, and purely OOC information unless GannICly shows someone a copy of his notes, or gives someone one of these books.)

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