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Black hair, deep blue eyes, and a little on the short side.
I's gots wings an stuff.  I's gots Black hair, deep blue eyes, and is a little on the short side.  Is shorter than Ash, but is hard to see.  I ain' gots no peirced nothings or inks on my skins, on account I were too young when Ma and Pa were livin'.
==What you need to know==
==What you need to know==

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Kaeleigh Rel'cing

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Kaeleigh Rel'cing

  • Gender: I's a girl, silly!
  • Age: 118
  • Deity: Cha'reth
  • Class: Priestess/Druid of Cha'reth
  • Alignment: I's good, really I's is. Don' you listen to Ash
  • Birthplace: Is bein a little 'Vareil place near to Fourtrees
  • Residence: I's lives mostly in Zvidtown wit' my sis'er Ash, and sometimes in 'Lysia wit' Brad


I's gots wings an stuff. I's gots Black hair, deep blue eyes, and is a little on the short side. Is shorter than Ash, but is hard to see. I ain' gots no peirced nothings or inks on my skins, on account I were too young when Ma and Pa were livin'.

What you need to know

I is a Healer. I Heals. If'n I sees yous bleedin yous is gonna get healed. Get used to it. The end.

I love Brad. I's no' interested in bein wit' no one else. I will be yous friend though.

I no fights unless'n I has to. Less'n it bein undeads. Tha' don' mean I's soft. I can kick yous ass if'n you needs it real bad.

My Story

I's Kaeleigh Rel'cing. No, me an Ash ain' twins! I's two years younger than her and started life wit' a bonk on my head from my ol'er sis'er.

We is borned in a little tiny place just down a road from Fourtrees (Bah'Etzeth for yous elfkins). Is a little hamlet really, alla the peopels there be refugees from Toostan. Is maybe 5 families all tol'. We don' mingle much wit' anyones elst when we is grow'n up, ceptin the 'Variel families bein round us. Ma an Pa usta gets real tired a the two a us, on account a we argues lots (but we always makes up and loves each other more'n anythin!). Ash bein a good scrapper, so hers spends lotsa time wit' Pa, an me is kinda tender hearted so Ma sends me to the Ol' widder woman wha' takes care a alla us. Is how I come to know real good 'bout Cha'reth and healin hurts an stuff. I is wantin to be a Healer sinct I was real littles. Ma were a druidess of Dre'Ana, so she teaches us 'bout plants an animals an druidy stuffs. Pa were a follower a Dru'El, so I's feels real close like to thems tha' follows the Father.

One day, Pa comes runnin in the house all yellin and Ma knows wha him is sayin but is just real confusin to me an Ash. Ma shoves some things in our hands and Pa pushes us outta the door an yells to hide real quick like. I's real scared an I looses sight a Ash, but I hides real goods. Only I sees the gnolls from Nightfangs comin and so I runs from my hidin place alla way to Le'Or city. I is all alone theres for bouts a week, no knowin where anyones are or if'n thems okays. Ash finally finds me near to the Inn in the markets an tells me tha' alla we ever knowed is gone, an we is on our owns now.

She been in 'Lysia, an takes me there to help me get started outs and we stays at the HEAL place for a while. We is meetin lotsa nice peopels wha' takes real good care a us, on account a we ain' quite growed up yet.

One day I's meets Mis'er Fergus Goodmane, who introduces me to Father Sirion an Brother Michel of the Healers of Cha'reth. From then on, is alla I wants to do, is learn an teach more 'bout Lord Cha'reth. So I's takes my learnin to be a healer to peopels and learns some mores, an I becomes a Priestess too.

My Friends

Ashleigh Rel'cing: My sis'er, my bestest friend ever (next to my boyfrien Brad). Hers is real purty and fights real good. Hers is one a' my bodyguards. Only she's bad about bonking me ona head.

Bradnil Tir'elin: The most handsomest elf Dru'El ever made walk the face of the world! Hims is proprietor of BT Enterprises too. I's his secrestary. We is gonna have a big office one day soon! I loves him more'n anythin 'cept Cha'reth. Hims is a real good body guards too.

Leo: First time I seed Leo I screams an runns away! Him is a gnoll. Is okays though, hims is a nice gnoll an him takes real good care a my sis'er. Thems is in love.

Pops: We is kinda lonely wit'out parents. So we 'dopted Varion . Hims is real good parent an Pops is real smart an' stuff. Hims is also 'Vengers of Dru'El. Hims is no' really 'dopted, but we treats hims like him is.

Father Sirion: Sirion bein the first follower of Cha'reth I's meetin. Him teaches me a whole lots about Cha'reth an the Healers. Is prolly my bestest frien next to Brad an Ash (an my 'dopted family). Sirion also teaches me 'bout where I am come froms.

Mis'er an Missus Finn: When Father Sirion ain' been around, them twos is takin care a teachin me things 'bout Cha'reth an hims life when him weren't a God. Thems is also some a my protectors. I learns alot 'bout no' bein afeard a stuff from Missus Ellowin. Only, I no wants hers to shoot my ass, so I listens real good.

Miss Raine: Hers is 'bout the sweetest person I knows! If'n yous don' know Miss Raine yous is missin' out!

Mis'er Fletcher: Hims is the Mayor of Zvid. Hims looks after things be goin on there.

Miss Rode: Hers is the constable in Zvid, or at least we decided hers was. She does it real good too! An' her teaches me to play chess.

Things I don't like

Undeads, any kinda a undeads. Spiders an rats too. I don' like it when peopels is hurts any kinda way, either. I really really don' like undeads though. Oh, if yous follows that Evrak god, I think yous is dotty. I ain' partial to Him neither.

Out of Character Information

Played by Kaeleigh

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