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Richance Weller

Race: Human
A portrait of Richance

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Gender: Male
Current Age: ??? years
Class: Fighter / Rogue
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Religion: Senathite
Residence: Kuras / Mikona / South Blandenberg
Affiliations and Titles:

Former Affiliations:

Current Activities:

  • Leading M'Chekian Soldiers
  • Writing Letters
  • Collecting Gold
  • Strategic Planning
  • Looking for Dala Wennen and Peregryne Twostep

Richance stands just under six feet tall. His hair is a neatly kept dark brown, but grey strands are gaining a foothold near his temples. His skin is lightly tanned and leathery, while a closer inspection might give the impression that the wind and sun have prematurely aged him. A few small scars are scattered about, but in no discernable pattern. He generally keeps his beard trimmed short, or entirely shaved off, but every once and he'll appear with stubble and dust.

His outfits rarely vary much, and always include a good deal of blue and black, colors of Toran and the Blackhawks respectively. His armor is kept polished and his two longswords are also well looked after. A bow and quiver on his back show signs of disrepair and disuse, but clearly both remain functional. Richance carries a single leather pack with a small auxiliary pouch on either side, one jingling with coins, the other clanking with potions.

Richance tries to remain friendly but harbors many prejudices from his years of battle. His years fighting for the M'Chekian Army, and the Alpha Corps left a resentment towards elves and sereg, but generally it is only evident in his humor. Likewise his years in Kuras and Servator have left a chip on his shoulder when dealing with Valokians. He strives to always faithfully conclude any business he starts, even if it means appearing cold or heartless. Duty, discipline, service, order, and honor were the tenets of Toran that guided him for most of his career and shaped who he is. While Richance is willing to take charge, he is used to taking orders and often will fall into a secondary position when dealing with a more dominant personality. Richance generally avoids small-talk as much as possible, and sticks to what he means to and needs to say, rather than making inane banter. He'll prefer to stand in silence in a social setting than risk sounding foolish.

Richance was born in Kuras. His mother and father lived in relative poverty and disgrace due to the dishonorable actions of his paternal great-grandfather. His father, Austocian, used what little influence he had to get the young Richance squired to a knight. The knight, Lothar, worked ceasely in the east near the border with Galdos. Richance grew accustomed to the cold weather and harsh conditions. Fighting in the lands that would become Servator and north, Lothar continually reinforced the dictates of Toran to Richance. After a few years up north, Lothar was killed in a battle with Brekonese slavers. Richance was briefly captured, but managed to escape from the city of Brekon and took a roundabout route south. Stopping briefly in the Seven Cities region, Richance got a short job as a caravan guard, taking him to Toran Shaarda. Once in Toran Shaarda, he heard of the Sword of Toran in M'Chek, and took a boat across the bay to Mikona.

Life in M'Chek was different that what the young soldier was used to. Richance quickly joined the M'Chekian army, and began working with the Sword of Toran when they took over law enforcement duties following the removal of the Order of Gorethar. Richance worked closely with Michael Al'Aere, Roland Barre, Heldor, Thalarian Arc'Thass and Peregryne Twostep. These five mentored Richance in the ways of Toran and the regulations of the south.