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| Enforcer:  
| Enforcer:  
| [[PCs:Kisri Aedia|Kisri Aedia]] ([http://www.avlis.org/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=12244])
| [[PCs:Faeldridge the Quick|Faeldridge]] ([http://www.blackdagger.com/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=11191])
| Enforcer:  
| Enforcer:  
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<small>Arch Maleficarum; ''Oct 2110-Dec 2157''<br>
<small>Arch Maleficarum; ''Oct 2110-Dec 2157''<br>
Shard; ''Oct 2162-Jul 2165''<br>
Shard; ''Oct 2162-Jul 2165''<br>
Kisri Aedia; ''Jul 2165-Present''</small><br><br>
Kisri Aedia; ''Jul 2165-Dec 2177''<br>
Faeldridge; ''Dec 2177-Present</small><br><br>

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Avlis Carpentry Enterprise


ACE has two objectives -- to train new bowyer and carpenters to the finest possible standard, and to supply quality goods to the discerning public. It is a loosely structured guild focused on carpentry, but with capabilities in other crafts as well. There is a fairly active membership, with few meetings. "There is no fighting in the guildhall" -- personal viewpoints and allegiances get dropped off at the door. Carpentry only inside.



Guildmaster: Findail Silaureth ([1])
Loremaster: Shard ([2])
Quartermaster: Freroim Ferrowfire ([3])
Enforcer: Faeldridge ([4])
Enforcer: Alphonse Irofin ([5])


  • Fall 2110: Avlis Carpentry Enterprise (ACE) was established in Elysia by a group of carpenters led by Jillanae Maleficarium. From the initial days of its existence, the guild has been shown favor by the Right Hand of Dru'El, Woody, and the Left Hand of Dru'El, Pring. Both are penguins and part of that marvelous species -- Divine Avians.
  • Summer 2141: At the request of the City Council of Elysia, the guild processed the wood gathered by the Shaahesk criminal Rhissaerk Jalesh as part of his punishment for crimes against the City of Elysia during the M'Chek-T'Nanshi war. The guild made 2000 hickory planks and 1000 planks each of oak and mahogany from the wood for use in reconstruction for parts of the City. ([6])
  • Spring 2150: As part of the last reconstruction efforts following the M'Chek-T'Nanshi war, the guild once again provided its services in producing a large number of planks and studs for the final reconstruction prior to the City's Independence Celebration. ([7])
  • Spring 2150: In cooperation with the Order of O'Ma, ACE sponsored an archery tournament at Champions Castle as part of Elysia's celebration of independence. Additionally, they provided instruments as prizes for the bardic contest hosted by the city. ([8])
  • Late 2158/Early 2159: In response to a general call for assistance from General Marshal Fealith Anifail of Visimontium, a group of guild members, of their own volition, used the guild facilities in Elysia to produce a large quantity of planks for use in the reconstruction of Visimontium after the Drangonari attacks on the fledgling city. ([9])
  • Fall 2166: Members of ACE came to the aid of a group of centaur druids and rangers of Skern. The centaurs had been summoned to a secret grove in the depths of T'Nanshi to guard the world's oldest and noblest of trees -- the Elven Hornebound. A nefarious giant had somehow formed a portal into the grove, and his group of ogrillon lackeys were intent on decimating the trees. ACE members destroyed the threat from the giant, and the druids -- through the power of Skern -- destroyed the portal for good.
Historical Officer List

Jillanae Maleficarum; Oct 2110-Dec 2138
Airinn Mal'vaers'il; Dec 2138-Aug 2148
Jillanae Maleficarum; Aug 2148-Aug 2151
Havian O'Dryinos; Aug 2151-Jun 2155
Jillanae Maleficarum; Jun 2155-Jul 2161
Havian O'Dryinos; Jul 2161-Jan 2166
Findail Silaureth; Jan 2166-Present

Spoonworthy; Oct 2110-Jun 2130
Begnar Fustir; Apr 2134-Oct 2136
Kareth Mafer; Apr 2137-Jul 2165
Shard; July 2165-Present

Begnar Fustir; Oct 2110-Apr 2134
Havian O'Dryinos; Apr 2134-Aug 2151
Findail Silaureth; Jun 2155-Jan 2166
Freroim Ferrowfire; Jan 2166-Present

Arch Maleficarum; Oct 2110-Dec 2157
Shard; Oct 2162-Jul 2165
Kisri Aedia; Jul 2165-Dec 2177
Faeldridge; Dec 2177-Present

Ed; Oct 2110-Oct 2162
Alphonse Irofin; Oct 2162-Present

The OOC Scoop

Alignments Accepted: Any

DM Sponsor: Nighthawk4

Guild Website: Avlis Carpentry Enterprise Index