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===Retired and Killed in Action===
===Retired and Killed in Action===
* Major [[PCs:Rolan Fyne|Rolan Fyne]], KIA
* Major [[PCs:Rolan Fyne|Rolan Fyne]], Retired
** Copper Boot Medal, Copper Eagle Medal, Silver Unicorn Medal, M'Chek Victory Medal - Pyrite Dragon Clasp, Gold Lion Medal
** Copper Boot Medal, Copper Eagle Medal, Silver Unicorn Medal, M'Chek Victory Medal - Pyrite Dragon Clasp, Gold Lion Medal
* Captain [[PCs:Nikki_Tanner|Nikki Tanner]], Retired
* Captain [[PCs:Nikki_Tanner|Nikki Tanner]], Retired

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M'Chekian Army, Special Operations Division, Blackhawk Company

Alignment: Any. However, lawful alignments will tend to be better suited to military discipline, and non-good alignments are better suited to solving problems through military violence.

Base of operations: The Nation of M'Chek.

How to contact us: Contact any of the senior staff (see below).

What we do: We conduct missions of importance to the Nation of M'Chek.

What to expect: Aside from kicking ass for M'Chek, expect a lot of military discipline, regular guild meetings and outings, and working to defend M'Chek and its citizens. We are not law enforcement, though we do aid the M'Chekian Guards when necessary.

Miscellany: The Blackhawks are a component of the M'Chek Army. M'Chekian citizenship is a must, as is a clean criminal record (you can't be wanted for crimes in other nations). Your character will be expected to spend a majority of their time in M'Chek. That's not to say they can't travel, but characters who only come to M'Chek to take part in DM-run army events aren't what the guild is about.

A Brief History of the Blackhawks

Blackhawk Company was formed by order of the Joint Houses to clear select areas of the Underdark for colonization and farming. Dala Wennen, former Commander of Alpha Corps, was asked to lead this new unit, which she did until her apparent death in a raid on a Shaahesk temple. Morran Unuldur, then a Lieutenant, was promoted to captain and granted command. He led the company for the rest of the campaign. When the Blackhawks reached their goal and were no longer needed, they were offered the choice of either joining the Guards or disbanding. Only one member chose to join the Guards; the others retired to civilian life. Later that year, however, M'Chek once again had need of her devoted defenders, as a flight of pyrite dragons, led by the monstrous Tharul'Zhannadar, threated to destroy all life in the nation. The Blackhawks were once again called back into service, and with the aid of several other groups held turn the tide of the battle, then took the fight to the dragons' island and there helped slay the mighty dragon himself, ending the threat once and for all. After that, the nobles saw that they might need the Blackhawks again, so they were placed on standby with the understanding that they could be recalled at any time to deal with threats that were beyond the Guards' abilities. Major Swift was given command and a number of veterans returned, including: Captain Wennen (Formerly believed dead), Major Fyne, LT O'Callaghan, and many others.

The M'Chek-Drotid War

Since the invasion of M'Chek's eastern shore by the forces of Drotid, Blackhawk Company has once again been at the forefront of the M'Chekian war effort. In their capacity as an elite, special forces unit, the Company has been called upon to undertake a series of daring missions, shoring up the nation's defences and taking the fight to the enemy. While initially faced with a crisis of leadership following the death in battle of then-commander Rolan Fyne, the Company has rallied around the leadership of Major Thaylis Beign.

Blackhawk Company has been heavily involved in the planning and execution of some of the M'Chekian forces' greatest successes in the current conflict. A hastily-formed army of M'Chekian Guards, Blackhawk Company soldiers and local regular army regiments successfully defeated the nascent Shaahesk beachhead at Eastshore, liberating the town and protecting it until its rebuilding. Operation: Iron Fist saw the Company spearhead the first M'Chekian offensive into the Shaahesk lines since the inception of the war, and succeeded in clearing, taking and holding an important Shaahesk supply base on the eastern shore. Operation: Wyvern sought to repay the Shaahesk for their earlier assault on the M'Chekian Army position at Greylake, and resulted in a decisive defeat for the forces of Drotid. Blackhawk Company, once again, was in the vanguard, ensuring the success of the mission by preventing the Shaahesk alerting their reserves of the attack.

There are rumours of other, clandestine missions undertaken by the Company in the war effort. Rumours of secret raids, assassinations, and even co-operation with the Le'Nofaythen of T'Nanshi are routinely ignored by High Command.

Command Staff, M'Chek Army

War Commissioner

Commanding Officer, Special Operations Division

Commanding Officer, Blackhawk Battalion

  • Colonel-Commissar Whelm Brittain ((NPC))

Executive Officer, Blackhawk Battalion

Command Staff, Blackhawk Command Company

Commanding Officer

Executive Officer

Senior Officers

Attached Personnel

  • Sgt. Major Manning ((NPC))
  • Captain Lisa Ormane, M'Chekian Guards

Enlisted Soldiers

Inactive or Missing Members

Retired and Killed in Action

  • Major Rolan Fyne, Retired
    • Copper Boot Medal, Copper Eagle Medal, Silver Unicorn Medal, M'Chek Victory Medal - Pyrite Dragon Clasp, Gold Lion Medal
  • Captain Nikki Tanner, Retired
    • Copper Eagle Medal, M'Chek Victory Medal - Pyrite Dragon Clasp
  • Sgt. Baker, Retired
  • Private Cromodon Draker, Retired
  • Corporal Ulu Elexin, Retired
    • Copper Eagle Medal

DM Sponsors

  • DanishPastry

Ranks and Promotions

Soldier Recruit (Private). They are considered army members, but are not permitted access to the Blackhawk files until they have attained veteran status.

Soldier (Veteran). The general makeup of most squads is this. They have access to files, but not command authority.

Corporal (Veteran). This is the soldier rank for logistics, Intel, and artillery. Intel specialists are granted access to intel files.

Sergeant. This is squad leader command. PC’s with this rank command 1 squad of NPCs in their platoon. Rank can be field promoted by any lieutenant or above based on need. No approval necessary.

Sergeant Major. A sergeant who has distinguished themselves in both loyalty and skill, but is otherwise unfit for broad tactical command. Can be placed in charge of a platoon or elite squad. Brevet rank is given by a company commander (typically 1st lieutenant or captain), and ultimately approved by Blackhawk commander.

Command Sergeant. Exceptionally distinguished sergeant (one in the entire Blackhawks) who is given authority to procure and manage personnel and supply lines. Also serves on the command staff to the Blackhawks commander. Still does not have broad tactical command, but may lead a platoon or elite squad. Rank is given by Blackhawk commander.

Lieutenant, 2nd. Platoon commanders. PCs who have this rank have a platoon of NPCs and/or PCs under their command. They can deploy as directed by the leadership, but are in charge of and responsible for the field operation of their troops. Brevet Rank can be given based on need by Captain and above, but final approval must be made by Blackhawk leader or higher rank.

Lieutenant, 1st. As 2nd Lieutenant, but distinguished and authorized to have company level authority. Brevet Rank can be given by Blackhawk commander or higher rank, and ultimate approval and promotion is given by Blackhawk commander or higher.

Captain. Further distinguished from 1st Lieutenant. Authorized to have company level authority and command staff. Brevet Rank can be granted by Major and above when needed, but ultimate approval must be made by General or War Commissioner.

Major. Top leadership of the Blackhawks. Can command the entire battalion, elite platoons and companies, and serve on the command squad. Generally no more than 2 at any time. Can only be granted by a general or the war commissioner.

Lt. Colonel. The Second Highest Rank granted, and is in charge of the Blackhawks (can only be one at a time), and is for those majors who distinguish themselves in large operations. Can only be granted by the War Commissioner after recommendation by a general.

Colonel. The Highest Rank granted that is solely in charge of the Blackhawks. Rarely awarded, and only given to the most respected Lt. Colonels by the War Commissioner.

Army Structure

The Blackhawks Company (Increased to Battalion Strength)

Leader: Colonel, Lt. Colonel, or Major Command Staff: 2 Majors or Captains (can be higher in certain circumstances), 1 Cmd Sgt.


  • BC Command Company

Led by: Major or Captain (battalion commander or command staff) Platoons:

2 Heavy Infantry Platoons (2 squads of 10 per platoon, 1 is Elite, 1 mage per squad) 1 Ultra Heavy Infantry Platoon (4 squads of 5, one is High Elite) 1 Scout Platoon (2 squads of 10, 1 is Elite, 1 mage per quad) 1 Spellsword Infantry Platoon (4 squads of 5, one is High Elite)

Total Count: 40 Heavy Infantry, 20 Ultra-heavy Infantry, 20 Scouts, 20 Spellswords (100 total)

  • Recon Companies (BC 1st and 2nd Recon Co.s)

Command: Lt. or Cpt. Platoons (each led by Lt. or Sgt. Major):

2 Scout Platoon (5 squads of 8 each., 1 squad per platoon is Elite, 2 mage per platoon)

Total Count: 35 Scouts, 5 Elite Scouts per platoon (80 per Company for 160 total)

  • Veteran Infantry Companies (BC 1st and 2nd Infantry Co.s)

Command: Lt. or Cpt. Platoons:

4 Heavy Infantry Platoons (4 squads of 10 men per platoon, one squad is Elite, 1 mage per platoon)

Total Count:120 Heavy Infantry, 40 Elite Heavy Infantry per Company (320 total)

  • Veteran Calvary Companies (BC 1st and 2nd Calvary Co.s)

Command: Lt. or Cpt. Platoons:

1 Light Calvary (5 squads of 5, includes 1 elite squad and 1 mage) 1 Heavy Calvary (5 squads of 5, includes 1 elite squad and 1 mage)

Total Count: 25 light and 25 heavy calvary per company. (100 total)

  • Artillery and Demolitions (BC A&D)

Command: Lt. or Cpt. Platoons (each led by a Lt. or Sgt. Major)

1 Sapper Platoon (4 squads of 5, incl. 3 mages) 1 Traps and Mines Platoon (4 squads of 5, incl. 3 mages) 2 Field Artillery Platoons (4 squads of 5 each. Incl. 3 mages per platoon.)

Total Count: 20 Sappers, 20 Traps/Mines, 40 Field Artillery (80 total)

  • Spying, Infiltration, and Intel (BC Intel)

Command: Cpt. Or Major

5 Intel Platoons (4 squads of 5, 2 mages per platoon, 1 elite squad per platoon)

  • Logistics (BC Support and Supply) – NPC Only

Command: Lt. or Cpt. Platoons:

2 Light Infantry (2 squads of 20, 1 mage) 2 Light Artillery (4 squads of 10, 1 mage) 1 Scout Platoon (4 squads of 5, one elite, 1 mage)

Total Count: 40 Light Infantry, 40 Light Artillery, 20 Scouts (100)

  • X Company (“Does not exist”)

Command: Blackhawks leader 40 specialists (includes high level mages, clerics, and PrCs), often blended into other companies as needed, or sent out in small squads or as individuals. Includes internal affairs.

Total Count: 40

Absolute Count: ~900 heads