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Qwandovia is the primary nixie city of the west coast of Negaria. It lies underwater, northwest of the coast of the Kurathene Empire. It is 380 miles north of Arvanos, amd within a week's journey of the Seven Cities by ship. 33 miles of sea separate it from the nearest coastline. It is home to a permanent portal to the Plane of Water.

The city of Qwandovia is not like a conventional land city. The huddled stone buildings and congested streets are absent there. Instead, small clusters of buildings range about an open area. Most of the structures are built out of combinations of shell and stone, along with bits of driftwood, although some of the buildings are extensions of natural caves, holes, and other depressions on the ocean floor. Each building has at least one story, and some have three or four with circular doors, some of which enter the buildings on a level above the ground floor. The buildings towards the center of the city are etched in mother-of-pearl and highly decorative. One of them is a temple of O'Ma, but others, although pretty, have no obvious function.