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  • Full Name: Shosin Llevan


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Life in Le'Or

In the beginning, Shosin lived in Le'Or with her parents, her mother Pepper, and her father, Chris'tan. At an early age of 35, Shosin would wander around the marketplace in Le'Or with her mother as her father helped keep food on the table. Frequently, her mother would venture to the Moontree in Le'Or and this is where Shosin became fascinated with Wizardry.

As she would wait for her mother, she met the Old Man, as she never found out his name, who would later become her tutor in the field of wizardry.


At around the age of 50, Shosin began her tutoring with the Old Man, unbeknown to her parents, because her parents wanted her to be a bard, and to Shosin, singing never appealed to her. Every day, she would meet the Old Man in the Marketplace, to be led to his dwellings where she learned about the lore of wizardry. Not only did she learn what the Old Man taught her, he taught her the value of certain plants that could be used to heal, poison, or make drinks. But alas, this could not continue, as her parents caught her sneaking out one night when she turned 80, to go see the Old Man, the asked what she was doing. She could not lie to her own family, so told them the truth. They were devastated by what she had done. From then forth, she was never allowed to leave the house without permission and to know where she is going. Along with that, she was never to practice what the Old Man had taught her, but that did not stop her. Every night, as her family went to bed, she would practice in a secret room she had made from her room.


A few weeks after turning 80, her parents came to her one day with a girl that looked almost exactly as she did. The only difference was that the girl's hair was down, free flowing around the middle of her back, where as Shosin kept her's in a pony-tail. Chris'tan and Pepper confided in her that day that the girl was her twin sister that they kept hidden for so long at a friend's house far away in the deep forests of T'Nanshi. Though Shosin was hurt by this, and her parents would not give reason to their doings, so she let it go, but always, after that, thought if they had other secrets that she does not know. Well, Shosin and her twin sister, Crys'tal, become best of friends and spent almost every waking moment together until the day that Shosin turned 120.

Leaving Home

The week of Shosin's 120th birthday, she packed her things secretly, because her parents still nagged on her about being a bard, well, her mother more so than her father. Shosin was sad at the thought of leaving Crys'tal behind, but she had made her choice, and she was going to stick by it. On the night of Shosin's departure, she snuck out of the house with her things and made for the city gates to the lift, and out of nowhere, her father, Chris'tan appeared from behind a tree, with a look of respect and sadness in his eyes. Shosin and he exchanged a few well loved words, and he handed her a small gold pouch to get her started in her life outside of Le'Or. He understood what Shosin was doing, and, though as sad as he was, let her go, with each exchanging hugs and love, for they might never see each other again. All Shosin asked of her father was to tell her mother that she just ran away and not make it seem her mother's fault for doing so. With that, Shosin stepped onto the lift, waving to her crying and proud father as the lift started to make it's descent.


Soon after leaving Le'Or, Shosin made her way to Elysia, the City of Fey. When she arrived, she was in awe of such a city, but this did not dissuade her from making something of herself. For the next gnomish year, Shosin helped the different farmers around with harvesting crops and dealing with crop rats. Though, after one day, when in serious trouble with some crop rats she cried out and a Faerie Dragon came to her cry of help and defeated the crop rats. When she saw this wondrous creature, she was happy and confused at the same time, knowing from her studies with the Old Man about mage's familiars. She herself had never summoned one before and this was the first time, and the two bonded quickly, becoming more than just master and familiar. She named the Faerie Dragon, Leon, and to this day Leon is always near, figuratively speaking.

After helping farmers with the rat problems and harvesting, she started helping others around the area by performing odd-jobs and such to make gold and gather more information of her studies. One day she ventured to Ferrell for some ingredients one day, and decided to go fishing, as she had never done this before. As she fished, she would pull up things other than fish. But she heard of the fishmonger, Sarah up in Kitanya Hill. One day, carrying as much fish as Sarah would take, she ventured to see her. In the process, Shosin met three women, one of whom she would never see again. The two she still sees, and to this day are two of her most dear friends, is Jessica Paragon and the wife of El'gos, Druantia. From then on, wherever you saw one of those two, you could count on Shosin being close by.


While her stay in Ferrell was an exciting one, meeting knew people, and joining the AKN, Shosin set out to the city of Elysia to continue her studies, and along the way, make new friends. The first place she headed to was Elf Gate. Hearing so much about it during her stay in Ferrell, she wanted to visit it herself. When she arrived, there was a lot of people there talking and having a good time. Shosin was excited to see everyone, because it gave her new opportunities to make new friends. While she doesn't remember everyone at Elf Gate that day, she made a number of friends that she still talks to today. But, while not socializing, Shosin and her faerie dragon, Leon, would help the farmers harvest their crops, but more times than not, Leon was saving Shosin from crop rats.

Steadily, over time, Shosin became more proficient in her wizardry studies, she advanced in alchemy and herbalism, and she got a taste of tailoring. While not as good in tailoring as she is in alchemy and herbalism, she managed to make a living by selling cloth to the local stores she would visit. One store that she particularly liked was HEAL. She spent a great amount of her time in there at the alchemy tables and looms to make cotton for her heal kits. When she wasn't working, she was at Elf Gate another good part of her time. But more times than not, the Gate was being attacked by hordes of undead. But by this time, Shosin had trained in swordplay a little bit, and she could already cast up to 4th circle spells. So, she didn't die as often as she normally would, but still, she died a lot.

Between undead and other random attacks, Shosin quickly progressed her wizardry studies with the help of other mages making scrolls to expand her spellbook and learning new ones on her own. Many times did she visit the Forest of Midnight and the Elysian Crypts to push back the hordes of undead that threatens Elysia. After all was said and done, the next decade or so of Shosin's life was relatively quiet in Elysia, aside from the few ventures to helping retrieve Northstar's daughter from the beetle caves, or from the excursions she made for Lord Derrington through the Elemental Tower. Slowly but surely, she became a more powerful wizard, eventually joining the ranks of the Green Order of the Forest under the leadership of Archmage Elrendar.


Shosin soon found out that she was a restless being, always in need of some kind of adventure. Well, most adventures sated her thirst for adventure for a brief period of time. But one adventure that quenched her thirst for a long time was of the time she visited Aborea from speaking up to the Red Witch, or Micah Ormane. It did not end very well for Shosin, with a Sphere of Ultimate Destruction attacking her, then to a Wail of the Banshee. Shosin came back, hot headed, but kept quiet. That was the day when she would meet her soon to be husband, Darmas Ma'fent, a monk of the Luminous Order of the Mind. Over a period of time, Shosin and Darmas became closer as friends, and soon started seeing each other regularly.

On an outing to visit the Amber Twins in Deglos, Shosin, Darmas, and a few others went and braved the smaller wyrmlings, and they reached the room with the Amber Twins. But little did Shosin know that they could see through invisibility. Everyone in the group was sent to their respective death plane, all except Shosin, who ran and hid behind a corner. Well, the Ancient Amber called Shosin out, and she complied, not being able to resist him, knowing that if she ran, she would not get very far. With a few deft motions of the dragon's claws, everyone was back in the room, picking up their dropped items. Shosin was intrigued at this point, still fearful for her life, but was more intrigued. To stay alive, everyone had to come together and answer riddles the Amber Twins were asking. But there was one person who would not be quiet, and eventually, I believe the Dragon cast a Silence spell on him to shut him up. After all the riddles, the Amber Twins were satisfied with their answers, and let them leave alive, telling their little wyrmlings to let them through. But before Shosin left, she went over, knowing a little of dragons and their hoarding of gold, and found their stash of gold, and took the gold, knowing full well that they would have it back fairly quickly. After that, her and Darmas were the only ones left, and they made their way out safely, and back to the open air of T'Nanshi.


A few years before Shosin met Darmas, she became a partner of HEAL by talking to the owner, Lillith DuCoin, and she received her partner key to get to the back, and soon she was practicing her alchemy and herbalism skills, soon finding out that HEAL will pay for her tests in the AKN. Soon, she was Journeyman of the AKN, and a few years go by, and she goes for her Master's Test, but fails the first time around, but comes back with flying colors and makes Master. When she told Darmas of this, he was happy for her, and said that he needs to start working more within the AKN. After she made Master though, Shosin slowly backed her practice to pursue her wizardry studies.

Wizardry Studies

Continuing on her studies started by the Old Man back in Le'Or, Shosin was quickly casting 6th circle spells which made her ecstatic, and she had certain items on to help her memorize more spells. One of the rings that she has on her fingers now was a gift from the former Archmage of the Blue Order of the Sky, Aerill. Aerill said she would much rather see the ring in use than gathering dust on her mantle, so Shosin has made good use of it, and still uses it today.

Much of the gear she wears now does not boost her intellect, but merely allows her to memorize more spells. Once, when she saw Jessica Paragon again in HEAL, after she had been gone for a long time, Shosin was talking about not being able to find an Amulet of the Wizard, or she could, but they were too expensive. Well, out of nowhere, Jessica turned around and went to her private chest and drawer and pulled some materials out and made Shosin an Amulet of the Wizard, which she had turned into her Dru'El Holy Symbol. Shosin could not thank Jess enough for this wonderful gift. Immediately, she memorized spells needed to stay alive in her sometimes suicidal adventures. At this point, Shosin was casting 9th circle spells and had memorized a few she had seen in use. As always, with wizards, Shosin was always fascinated with the way certain spells worked. Specifically the spells from the Transmutation school. At this time, she was confused of whether to learn Transmutation or Fatespinning. But, Shosin finally decided on Transmutation. The person she sought for her training was the Ebony Mage known as Vesdrac Noss'tau. Shosin had sent him a letter to the Ebony Tower asking for his tutorship, but she hadn't gotten a response back. But one day she was lucky to have found him in Elysia. She asked him to teach her, and long story short, he finally agreed at one meeting in Blandenburg. But soon, Shosin received a response saying that he could not teach. At first, Shosin was upset, but realized that with certain things happening at the time, with his secret identity of Amand Xilo coming out apparent. Anyways, she eventually received word from the Ebony Archmage for transmutation in Drotid. With the help of a great friend and also the Great Mage of Relations of the Green Order, Vicmin managed to get her journey to Drotid arranged safely, though her safety during the training is questionable. Shosin is a tough wizard. She doesn't quit, and she looks at this training as another obstacle to overcome to help spread the gift of the arcane.


For the past three months or so, Shosin, along with Kassha and Bedlam of the Red Order of the Flame, has been in Drotid at the Transmutation School. While there, she and Kassha, along with some others that came along for the training, spent the grueling three months of training, at first it being very difficult to concentrate, because of the heat and humidity. Over time though, Shosin and Kassha began to become accustomed to the weather, and probably found it somewhat enjoyable. The lessons were fierce, and failure was not an option. To fail was to be dismissed or killed. Kanatiss allowed no room for error. The first test of the training was to hit Kanatiss with rocks shaped like ovals and with holes in them. The second test was to reach a building where the trainees would sleep, but the buildings were in water. To fail this was to sleep outside where all bugs and creatures were. The days of training eventually bled into weeks, and it seemed as if the trainees were always training. Eventually, the remaining students at a month or so before completion started dueling with using only transmutation spells. At this, Shosin was decent after the first part of training drilling into the minds of everyone "Your body is not your body". But still, she had much to improve on.

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