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Telina Sunmar

Race: Half-Nymph / Half-Elf

Gender: Female

Age: 23 apparent

Class: Druid, Champion, Fighter

Alignment: Neutral Good

Origin: T'Nanshi


  • Champion of O'Ma
  • Le'Megen T'Elysia

Close Relations


  • Juine Sunmar, Twin Sister
  • Unnamed Older half-brother
  • Unamed Father
  • Mother "Sunshine"
  • Sumi, Animal Companion


Early Life

Telina and her sister are the product of an infidelity between a

married Nanshin with children of his own and a T'Nnashi dwelling O'Ma

nymph. The twins know nothing of their father save his

family name which they took for their own. Their mother of

course has no family name. The girls were born only minutes

apart with Telina being the older of the two which gave Telina

an excuse to be somewhat bossy with Juine. In practice though

Juine stayed more with the adults, Telina was always drawn to

the periphery of the group, always pushing her boundaries,

willful and more interested in what was living under that pile

of sticks than the merriment of the group. Their youth was

idyllic, enclosed in natural surroundings, moving from one

grove of plenty to another with little direction or guidance,

merely the encouragement of their mother's people to approach

life as a time to enjoy being alive. For a time, the life

among the various types of fey was all they, knew never once

having seen any settlement. As they grew, the girls began

to range more freely but were still largely protected by the

fey who knew them and the nearby elves whom the fey knew to

be good natured. If the fey began to move close to M'chek,

the girls were forbade to approach the old war zone and,

in being raised with so few demands, found this one easy to

comply with.

As they approached the equivalent of their preteen years

the girls were already markedly different. Juine's

experience with songs, stories and socialization joined

with her charming appearance was making her a potent

attractor of the kindness of strangers. Telina's

wanderlust and fascination with the natural world led

her to never learn Common which pushed her to the background

of discussions between people. As she and her sister roamed

though, it was Telina who kept them safe. To a point.

At first Telina roamed more alone than with Juine but as

the girls approached a mid to late teen years of apparent

age they traveled more and more together. Until that time

however, Telina never had one serious mishap when she

traveled alone. She credits this to the intervention of a

mysterious woman she knows only as "Old Woman". When crossing

a ravine while walking on a log which snaps, a vine just

so happens to become wrapped around her ankle, when a bandit begins

chasing Telina, Old Woman appears and the man stops, wets himself and

runs the other way. No matter where in the forest this occurs,

Telina is invited to Old Woman's house which is never far away.

She hears a tale of mystic lore, fed sweets and then is sent back

out to play. The last time Telina saw Old Woman was the day

before the twins left for Elysia. Juine has never seen this strange person.

In Elysia

When the twins arrived in Elysia and declared their intention to

become Champions they were met with extraordinary kindness. They

were given gifts of weapons, gold, armor and more.

Thror Stormhammer, Galakh the stone among others were kind with gifts,

Karak Hammerstar provided instruction through example of how to be a

stalwart warrior. Through him an affection for the order of Gorethar was

born for Telina. Consequentially she spent as much time as she could

in the company of Jessica Paragorn, Aspen Stormcat, Hert Snyder and

others. In a way, Telina idolizes Karak and, perhaps surprisingly,

wants to be just like him. She is however, completely ill-equipped to

be much of anything like him at all.

The twins beauty brought them much positive regard at first but sooner

or later Telina sensed that this wouldn't be enough. After a trip

to Mikona where more gifts were bestowed upon them by the merchants

smitten by them there the twins sought out opportunities to be industrious.

Shayra Thornberry, Marin Nemelgen and others gave them opportunities

to produce heal kits, potions of fire and otherwise, earn a

living in a satisfactory fashion.

In this time Telina learns from Kai Ral Windspar from the

encouragement of Moira Celyn Windspar Callindraes about Fyglia.

Her tutelage is furthered by Jwolaroth Ruk & Sanney Fereyn, the latter

who encourages the twins to join the order of O'ma, the former of

which has Telina approached by the Shemathen. As with the AKN though

it seems Telina is simply too focused on overcoming her fey spirit

to achieve more than her original stated aim so nothing comes of actual

or proposed membership in any of these organizations for Telina;

to become a Champion of O'Ma. Perhaps this is for the best though

considering that her twin, Juine has yet to complete Champion training.

During her training period three crucial events happen to Telina.

First, while learning about her fyglia Telina encounters an

avariel woman named Thienna who was tortured once with great cats.

Telina is so struck by her story that she tries to help the woman to

overcome her phobia but is changed herself and takes on the bear

fyglia for herself having lost a certain degree of infatuation with

cats. Second, she falls into alcoholism which jeopardizes her

ability to continue training. Meeting an Angdarian named Sephira Everliss

who was suffering a much more advanced form of alcohol addiction

than her own scared Telina straight. In the bargain, Telina and Sephira

become fast friends and confidants in one another. In Telina's

mind, leading Sephira to the first steps away from evil. Third, she meets

Aerill Alipera and Miette Hartley who's wisdom, worldliness and

knowledge lead Telina to become powerfully concerned with the fate of

Tooir Laylom, a druidic Champion of O'Ma who fell at the beginning

of the plot of Moreanne Tanasi. Aerill gifted Telina a scimitar which

was reforged for Telina's ordainment and inscribed with the words

Telina often spoke as her way of summarizing her dedication to continue

the work of Tooir Laylom: Spring follows Winter. In the time

leading up to her ordainment Telina had advanced herself as a druid,

defeated alcoholism, learned to speak common, learned to fight as

a warrior, earn money for herself through craft, largely

overcame a debilitating variation of social anxiety disorder,

conveyed some of the mystic wisdom and magic taught to her in her

youth to the people of her new community and achieved her

greatest personal ambition, becoming a Champion of O'ma

under the tutelage of Champion Ivars and befriending a powerful

warrior spirit housed in Sumi.

Following her ordainment which was attended by several people, every

soul present being immensely appreciated by Telina, she was

stationed on a frigate escorting supplies to Grantir. She stood in as

ships garrison but saw no action and was never given liberty to

leave the ship when in port at Grantir though she did get back on the

ground when the ship was in other ports of call such as Ferrell,

Mikona, etc. As her ship had a sizable fey crew component her mastery

of common backslid somewhat. After a time, she returned to

southern avlis where her story continues, now as a member of Le'Megen

fighting against Drotid's invasion.

Snow Serpent

Not long after her ordainment but much prior to her joining Le'Megen Telina attacked the Shaahesk. She did this before Drotid had declared war on any of the southern Nations but the general impression was that war was coming. In a fit of a lack of understanding of international politics she considered the nations to be at war already and took it upon herself to concoct a variety of poisons while exposing the shaahesk who were visiting all the nations of the south and Visimontium besides, to diseases that would only affect them. In conjunction with this, she used what she knew about fairy magic to lay a curse upon the shaahesk race. The result of this action left approximately 30 shaahesk ebony wizards dead, and a few hundred others extremely ill until the curse could be unwound by Titanians. An unusually powerful effect for one untrained in fey witchcraft due to an accidental synergistic effect of seasons Telina did not understand or intend to exploit. Telina was hunted and evaded capture for a long time until it seemed that perhaps Titania herself intervened to thwart Telina's efforts to conceal herself for the rest of her life.

A tense standoff ensued between the archmage of the ebony order at that time and the archmage of the blue order at that time, when Ooraylevena acquiesced against the power of Miette Hartley, Telina's life was spared as was commanded by the Fairy Court of Titania to be judged at court instead of slain. At court Telina was sentenced to serve a prison sentence that would last the rest of that winter at the Ebony order's tower prison in Visimontium. The winter was especially long that year, much longer than usual almost certainly due to Titania's influence. After her prison sentence Telina had to serve as a Titanian in the winter court, mentored by unseelie witches so that she would know as well as any what was possible and what was not with fey witchcraft so that she may never again offend the Winter Queen.

While in the ebony order's prison the leader of the Transmutation students from Drotid being taught by Vesdrac Nosstau came to her cell and told her that he respected her lethality and looked forward to killing her on the field of battle. He named her to his people as Snow Serpent. A poisonous cold weather snake that had a reputation for deception and lethality among his people.