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Name: Ssamueosilo...

Race: Drangonari.

Gender: Male.

Class: Wizard - Psion - Arcane Archer

Alignment: True Neutral with tendencies to Neutral Good.

Origin: Unknown. Could be Grantir, Could be the Grotto under Elysia.

Year of Birth|Age: Unknown. Still young in Elven terms.

Current Residence: Currently Ferrell, the Half Moon Inn.
Although he can often be seen around Elysia.

Affiliations & Associates: Solar Brigade. Psi-Corps.
Arwen Sephira Everliss. Arwen Celinda Mei'ana.
Rai'indra Soriva & Gaklah the Stone.
Dak the Golden Goblin. The Orchids.

Standing relatively tall [approximately 5'8 inches.] for a Drangonari Elf with the typical lean physique. The usual traits of black hair and blue-greenish scaled complexion. His almond-shaped, slitted eyes are of purple color with silvery specks. Also notable are three things: An almost always empty quiver, an old Adventurer's Bag, slung over his shoulder and a book in a worn, black Hardcover hanging, corded, at his side. Other than that, he seems to be pretty inconspicuous, although emanating a self-composed aura.


  • "Awakening" in the late Summer of 2187.

-Picks up a bit of knowhow and becomes streetwise by doing diverse odd jobs and watching the everyday life of the habitants in the different Districts of the capitol [mainly Market & Residence].-
-Spends some days & nights in the library of the Academy of Mortal Magic. His first contact with his ilk, Drangonari Mages in Ebony Robes. But still keeping his distance.-
-Maybe fragments of his recollection will surface in time? Now is the Present.-
-Realizes he can move small objects and even push or pull things with the power of thought & eye [with much effort!]. Manifests his latent gift, while in an insignificant altercation in Thayten Le'Nanshin.-
-There must be a connection to Magic, Angadar, the book in a black, worn hardcover and him.-
-...and still no Arrows.-

  • "His Journey" begins in the Fall of 2187 when he first enters Elysia, via going through Zvidureth.
  • During Spring and Summer 2188 some Answers are sought, and some "new Doors open":

-Walks the Path of a Hirao(Student) to Arwen Sephira Everliss.- -...But can he be called an Adventurer? Or a Hero?- -What are Psi-Mages?, what are Arcane Archers?- -Associates with the Solar Brigade...-

-In the last quarter of 2189 he follows a man called Dierys Chimera from Oinos to his homeplane through the infinite Staircase. The depressive, colorless Plane of Hades, one of the battlegrounds of the Blood War is a place where Ssamu learns the hard way how he has to grow up and broaden his horizon. An enthusiastic, Adventuring Pioneer in a "world" not exactly ready for him...or is he the one not ready for Hades?-

-Near the End of 2191, Ssamueosilo decides to journey, without approval of Tur Gurth Istar and Arwen Rali´vinee Ish´tarestacia, but with supplied information from both and the important hint to stay hidden by all means, to Grantir... It is perhaps an act of desperation to find out who he really is and a try to remember the faces of his parents. A journey into the past?-

  • The Fall of 2192 the want-to-Be Hero on his Quest to the Past, to unlock his Future, arrives more than 100 miles North from Grantir.