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Hey there! I Leo! Who you? Maybe you wants to know things about me? Okay. I tell you some things.

Little things about me

Some Things

Full Name: Le'ooharan Kaya Kooten (elf talk for last little animal)

  • Race: Readysetgo I wins! Ha. Joke. I a Gnoll.
  • Gender: A boy!
  • Age: 19 (I am not so old)
  • Deity: Dunno!
  • Class: Sneaky fighter!
  • Alignment: Nice!
  • Birthplace: Near Fourtree, T'Nanshi
  • Residence: Near Zvidureth

Things People Call Me

Favorite Things

  • Yeyin (that elf talk for wine)
  • Birya (also elf talk and it means beer)
  • Mellowsmoke
  • Ash (my girl who SO pretty and nice)
  • Fights badguys

More Things About ME

  • I nice. I like to help people and get real angry at people hurt my friends.
  • I strong. I once lift this whole big rock over my head!
  • I smart. Um... *trails off*
  • I gnoll. Not like other gnolls. Other gnolls mean. Do not say "Nightfang" I SO sick of hear about Nightfang. Zoozah. Nightfang Nightfang Nightfang. You know there like four gnoll clans in west T'Nanshi? Why you always think I am from Nightfang?
  • I do not like get wet.
  • I still learn common.


What I Looks Like

I seven feets tall and I got brown eyes. Also I got kinda red brown fur and black circle spots. Big sharp teeth and pointy ears like most gnolls. If you never seen gnolls before they look kinda scary! I not mean though so do not be scared. I likes to stay clean and not smell bad. I brush teeth like aym say so no bad breath even. I got some muscles because I strong.

Personality and Beliefs

Um. Zoozah. You would ask me this question. Okay.

I like nice people. I not like mean people. I call mean people badguys and I fights them. When I fights I use big axe or big halberd. But also I am real good with bow. And I sometimes use this big bat Ash'ni gives me and a lid from a keg of beer.



I like forest. It my home. These shaahesken need to go back to swamp. Forest is pretty and good so I try to help it like a friend.


I am raise by elfs. I call them oovu v'aym. Aym finds me in bushes and calls me Le'Ooharan Kaya Kooten. Being kid gnoll in Le'Or kinda weird. Oovu v'aym hide me kinda and teach me stuff I need to know in this world. Then when I grow up I go out and see everything! Neat huh?

So I go out and see things and meet all these people. Fight some badguys learn some things blah blah. Then these shaahesken starts be real jerk faces. They come to my home and kill and slave. So I talks to some friends I know in Le'Nofaythen and they recruit me for six divisions. Now after long time of regular I am six divisions! I gonna be big big hero save T'nanshi.

People I Knows


I got so many friends! This just some of them.
Raine - she my best friend. We try to shoot arrows more better than each other. I once hit four barrells and she only hits three!
Varion - Varion real nice. He teach me archery. He almost kinda half pops to me.
Cati - She moms for Ash and Kae and Varion wife so she almost kinda half moms to me but not really.
Ash - Ash is my girl. She is great. I love her.
Kae - Kae Ash sister. She also my friend. She call me almost brother because we kinda family but it is weird to say she is sister because Ash is her sister and that means I kiss my sister which is weird. So we say almost brother almost sister because someday maybe we be in laws and Varion and Cati can stop being almost kinda half pops and moms because they is pops and moms to Ash and Kae. Um. More easy to say we just like family.
Brad - Brad Kae boyfriend. They cute. He better never hurt her though I think he never wants this either so he okay with me.
Finn (Beer man) - he real nice to me and give me drinks. He also my boss in Le'Nofaythen.
Ell - Finn wife. I know her real real long time also. She give me some archery tricks. But I guess gnolls not can learn magic archery that elfs do.
Fletch - he has so much gold! I know him much long time. Now we both Le'Nofaythen and fight for T'Nanshi! I got his back when ever where ever.
Archi - he big big mage. I do not like when he does squid face monster. He plays funny tricks on me some times.
Kassha - he also big big mage. Funny when he fights with umbrellas. He say my umbrella magic! I think he right. Some times when I open close umbrella real fast rain stops.
Veras - Veras most nice guy I know.
Blossom - she sells drinks at Moon Tree in Le'Or. I used to go on dates with her. But then I meet Ash'ni.
Snarl - funny little Verossa druid. He okay.
Selle - she another Verossa and is SO pretty. Not so pretty as Blossom though. Still I think Ash'ni is most pretty.
Frapp - he champion of O'ma and nice guy. I know him long long time.
Aiko - Frapp wife is pretty and has dragon wings.
Thienna - I know her long time and she helps me a lot with common words I not know. You know "horny" means you want to have sex? I learn new things all the time!
Sir - she horny. Also funny and nice.
Lalant - I know this guy forever, one of first people I ever meets
El'gos - same as Lalant old old friend
Dru - she teach me to catch fish many years ago and old old friend. She marries El'gos.
Losin - she Gorethar but she okay. Not like some of them who so grumpy. Le'Nofaythen friend.
Eowin - he in Le'Nofaythen also. We play tricks on each other. But he great guy.
Lina - pretty Avenger I know she gives me wands
Etz - I know Etz pretty okay. She real nice
Wolf - he and I talk in Nanshilae. It nice to talk in tongue of home sometimes. He also in Le'nofaythen.
Nawen - another Le'Nofaythen friend. She fights real good.
Zoozah. Rest of Le'Nofaythen - you know I can list every other person I am friends with in Le'Nofaythen but more easy to say they all great people and I like working with each one more every day. You best friend is guy who gots your back and we all gots each others backs.
Gerald - we walk roads together to keep them safe. He will be Champion of O'ma some day.
Rode - she strong girl and wears pretty dress. I like her guitar playing. She also say something about moral pears all the time.
Pantera - can kick my butt! But she very nice. She dates Kassha now! I bet she kick his butt also.
I hate this because I feel like I maybe leave a friend out! I know so many friends I have to leaved some out.

Not Friends

Shaahesken and Drotids and any people who helps them. Get out!
Undeads and demons and stuff. Not nature.
Other badguys.
Jerks and noisy mouths.
Anyone who tries hurt me or things I love.

Out of Character Information

Played by megamegamega

Roleplayer of the Month, January 2007